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My name is Tyler and I am a nail polish addict! I am very passionate about nails and nail care but also dabble in the beauty side every once in a blue moon.
I am 23 years old and consider myself an old-soul. You will most likely find tons of nail polish on this blog that is local to South Africa however I do also do posts on items brought in from international waters, no biggie, I will always share how I got my hands on things and give tips on how you can too. I do reviews too and will always be upfront and honest with you about my experiences.
By day I am an Operations Manager for a Company that makes “A girl’s best friend” kind of goodies and by night I am a swatch-a-holic! I live in the windy city aka Cape Town ❤ and I have so much love for my home it is unreal!

I absolutely love receiving emails, so why not pop me an email at info@polishedticklesandbeauty.com.

Polished Tickles is a PR friendly blog. If you have PR questions about products that are appropriate to my blog content I am happy to consider your requests. I’ve worked with many brands and I’m always happy to work with more.

You can also follow me on all social media platforms (please see left of Page for links).

I hope you enjoy reading my bloggie, make sure to leave some love in the comments. I always take time to respond.

I am joined to a few blogging communities, if you are interested you can see them below:

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9 thoughts on “About…

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award (it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to join in or not) I really enjoy reading your blog and think you do a great job.

    Anna x

      • You’re welcome Tyler. I wasn’t too sure myself so I Googled it. There’s no official ‘winner’. It’s more a way for bloggers to show their appreciation for one another by shedding light on the blogs who spread a little sunshine through their postings x

  2. i think this blog is amazing. It takes lots of hard work and dedication to keep up such a blog.
    Hard work will take you places.
    “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweet determination and hard work”

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