One lovely blog Award

Hello again my lovelies,

I know what you are all thinking… Tyler, why are you blogging? You are supposed to be on a blogging break!

I know, I know! But I do miss it! And I feel like if I don’t do something remotely creative I might pop!

So in October my cousin nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award. Its been a while since then but I decided that I should probably get it done. Simone I am sorry its taken me so long, I really needed the break. But better late than never right?

Ok so Simone has a lovely blog called “Our Flavourful Life” that showcases all the awesome things her & her husband get up to (including delicious South African recipes they make). It has some serious YUM-Factor! Simone came to me before she started her blog to ask about starting a blog. I was most excited! I love when people are interested in Blogging, its such a release. I am so happy she is doing so well. Thank you for the nomination, it really means so much.


The rules for the nomination are as follows. You must:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” logo onto your post/blog.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire/read and inform them bu commenting on their blog.


7 facts about myself:

  • I recently became really, really addicted to watching YouTube stars: Zoella, Tanya Burr & Sprinkle Of Glitter. They have been added to the list along with good old Favorites like Jenna Marbles, Jess Bunty, Suzelle DIY & Not Another Poppie. They have all made me seriously consider YouTubing but I have no clue what I would do.
  • I am such a messy person, not sure how my Boyfriend lives with me? I keep everything organised but clothes… They are literally always on the floor or bunched up and shoved into my closet. I did a clean up the other day… It lasted that 1 day.
  • I am really good at cooking Pasta dishes (I friggen LOVE pasta), I made a goats cheese Mac n’ Cheese the other day… Lets just say I got a request to cook it again.
  • I am a total homebody, I could stay home every weekend and be the happiest person in the world. I am also seriously content with my own company. But to avoid being anti-social and becoming a total recluse I venture out into the world with my boyfriend or my best friend. I am not a massive party animal either but I do enjoy a good cocktail ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I am a huge softie! Can shed a tear at the slightest heart string tug. I can even have all the feels for a well written facebook post. #imaweirdo. But seriously, I cry when I see the homeless woman and children on the streets (not the drugged up kind, the ones that come here from African Countries to find a better life only to be homeless and hungry) I get so sad when I see animals that have been hit by cars… I would rather crash my car than kill an animal.
  • I have a very strong obsession with mustaches, not the real ones on peoples faces… That would be odd! I am obsessed with the image of mustaches. I bought a pair of shoes because it had mustaches on it. I also own 2 different kinds of nail decals, mustache clips & jewellery.
  • I love making things on Photoshop. Like this little scrapbook thing I made below ๐Ÿ™‚

2014 SCRAP copy


Ok so I don’t want to nominate anyone so I am just going to share my 15 favorite blogs.

  1. Lipgloss Kissesย 
  2. Pink Peonies
  3. Our Flavourful Life
  4. Arum Lilea
  5. Very Emily
  6. Zoella
  7. Tanya Burr
  8. Sprinkle Of Glitter
  9. Ordinary Misfit
  10. Zie Darling
  11. Not Another Poppie
  12. Wondrously Polished
  13. Whimsy Is Forever
  14. Mother City Mom
  15. Paulina’s Passions




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