One lovely blog Award

Hello again my lovelies,

I know what you are all thinking… Tyler, why are you blogging? You are supposed to be on a blogging break!

I know, I know! But I do miss it! And I feel like if I don’t do something remotely creative I might pop!

So in October my cousin nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award. Its been a while since then but I decided that I should probably get it done. Simone I am sorry its taken me so long, I really needed the break. But better late than never right?

Ok so Simone has a lovely blog called “Our Flavourful Life” that showcases all the awesome things her & her husband get up to (including delicious South African recipes they make). It has some serious YUM-Factor! Simone came to me before she started her blog to ask about starting a blog. I was most excited! I love when people are interested in Blogging, its such a release. I am so happy she is doing so well. Thank you for the nomination, it really means so much.


The rules for the nomination are as follows. You must:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” logo onto your post/blog.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire/read and inform them bu commenting on their blog.


7 facts about myself:

  • I recently became really, really addicted to watching YouTube stars: Zoella, Tanya Burr & Sprinkle Of Glitter. They have been added to the list along with good old Favorites like Jenna Marbles, Jess Bunty, Suzelle DIY & Not Another Poppie. They have all made me seriously consider YouTubing but I have no clue what I would do.
  • I am such a messy person, not sure how my Boyfriend lives with me? I keep everything organised but clothes… They are literally always on the floor or bunched up and shoved into my closet. I did a clean up the other day… It lasted that 1 day.
  • I am really good at cooking Pasta dishes (I friggen LOVE pasta), I made a goats cheese Mac n’ Cheese the other day… Lets just say I got a request to cook it again.
  • I am a total homebody, I could stay home every weekend and be the happiest person in the world. I am also seriously content with my own company. But to avoid being anti-social and becoming a total recluse I venture out into the world with my boyfriend or my best friend. I am not a massive party animal either but I do enjoy a good cocktail 😉
  • I am a huge softie! Can shed a tear at the slightest heart string tug. I can even have all the feels for a well written facebook post. #imaweirdo. But seriously, I cry when I see the homeless woman and children on the streets (not the drugged up kind, the ones that come here from African Countries to find a better life only to be homeless and hungry) I get so sad when I see animals that have been hit by cars… I would rather crash my car than kill an animal.
  • I have a very strong obsession with mustaches, not the real ones on peoples faces… That would be odd! I am obsessed with the image of mustaches. I bought a pair of shoes because it had mustaches on it. I also own 2 different kinds of nail decals, mustache clips & jewellery.
  • I love making things on Photoshop. Like this little scrapbook thing I made below 🙂

2014 SCRAP copy


Ok so I don’t want to nominate anyone so I am just going to share my 15 favorite blogs.

  1. Lipgloss Kisses 
  2. Pink Peonies
  3. Our Flavourful Life
  4. Arum Lilea
  5. Very Emily
  6. Zoella
  7. Tanya Burr
  8. Sprinkle Of Glitter
  9. Ordinary Misfit
  10. Zie Darling
  11. Not Another Poppie
  12. Wondrously Polished
  13. Whimsy Is Forever
  14. Mother City Mom
  15. Paulina’s Passions




#GstarRAW Women’s Night

Hello my Lovelies ❤

I hope you are all well and getting excited for the holidays (I am so excited)!

Today I have a rather different post for you, Its a fashion post *waits for gasps of horror. Hehe yes I do plan on branching out in 2015 to accommodate for multiple aspects of my life, including fashion and a few other new area’s.

Last week I was contacted by the lovelies over at Vivid Luxury and asked if I would like to attend an event for #GstarRAW, I said I would and asked if I could bring a friend? They said yes, which is awesome! Especially because I don’t know any of the Cape Town Fashion bloggers.

So I dragged my bestest to join me for a night of #RAW fun 🙂 <—- See what I did there?

I must just put this out there by saying… I do not consider myself stylish or “with it” when it comes to fashion so I was slightly daunted when I needed to choose an outfit. My wardrobe is rather basic! I went with Black Skinnies & a leopard print blouse. My clutch is vintage (It belonged to my granny) & some mustache pumps.


(Left: Me, Right: My bestie Daniella)

I have only ever been to 1 other event and I remember the food being delish! I love food, so I was excited to see what would be on the menu at the event… Lets just say I was not disappointed!

Untitled-1Onto my favorite part of the night… NAILS!

Morgan Taylor was one of the sponsors for the evening and with the help of the Foxbox ladies we all got to have our nails done sporting which ever colour that tickled our fancy.

Untitled-1I chose “Don’t Worry, Be Brilliant” and its from the Neon Collection. Its a neon peach polish. Daniella also chose it when she saw it on my nails but I told her she should have a Holo feature nail (Kinda wish I saw the holo glitter so I could have it too) to make it extra flashy.


Here we are just casually flashing our nails. We used the #bestienails (Share your Bestie Nails using the hashtag too)

Ok so onto the point of the evening, the denims…

I will start by sharing a little video with you.

We watched it at the event and it was pretty inspirational.

 “Woman need to celebrate how they’re built and I feel like these denims can achieve that”~Anelisa Mangcu.

Its one of my favorite quotes.

I live in denims, they are my life so I completely agree with everything #GStarRaw is!

I do however have one thing to add, these denims are an investment. I was slightly overwhelmed by the cost of a pair but as they are luxury denims they are something you work towards and definitely something you keep for life.

Daniella & I had a really good evening, I wish I was a bit more outgoing and actually mingled with the people at the event but hopefully I will build up the courage for the next one.

You can follow GStarRAW on Twitter & Facebook



A little goodbye “We-fie” is in order 🙂



*all images were either taken by myself or Daniella or by the photographer at the event.

Christmas Gift Guide

Hello my lovelies,

I am pretty excited to show you my picks for Christmas this year. How did I choose these goodies?? Well I decided to pick some of my favorites from this year and some that I am dying to try out. This is a gift guide designed for nail art fanatics so please share with your specials to make sure they know what to get you.

xmas favs copy

  1. Sweet Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover – R 110.00 at The Body Shop
  2. Colour Crush Nail Polish in “Green” – R 65.00 at The Body Shop
  3. Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – R 105.00 at LUSH 
  4. Tiny Hands Massage Bar – R 85.00 at LUSH 
  5. Merry Xmas Tree Jewels – R 25.00 at Nail Candi
  6. China Glaze “Chillin’ With My Snow-mies” – 😦 Not available in SA yet but you can query its arrival with Nail Candi &/or Maskscara (Or if you can’t wait, try ebay)
  7. Morgan Taylor “Rare as Rubies” – R 109.95 at RubyBox
  8. Morgan Taylor “Glitter & Gold” – R 109.95 at RubyBox
  9. Handy Gurugu Hand Cream – R 120.00 at LUSH
  10. TOY by Maaji “Burgundy Waves” R 99.00 at TOY Style (ppst… See polish swatch here)
  11. TOY Dark Colors Remover Pot – R 99.00 at TOY Style

Which of these are on your list?

Remember to share this list if you want any of these beauties.


{Review} Ice Box Colors

Good Morning my Loves,

So today I have some new polishes to show you. This is the first time I have ever tried this brand.

Today’s post is just swatches but I will get some Nail Art done too which you can catch on Instagram & Facebook.




So on to the polishes!

So here is a little outtake from their website (I will add all the links at the bottom)

outstanding nail lustres range with its dazzling colours, stunning square bottles in both 7ml & 15ml, with its quick drying, long lasting, chip-resistant wear, is also 3-Free and is made in South Africa to the highest international standards.”

As you can see this is a Local brand which instantly made me love it more! Anything Local gets me all giddy!

No Sugar Please

No Sugar Please (1)

No Sugar Please is a rich dark chocolate brown polish.

When I first painted it on I got a little worried as the initial coat was so translucent but as soon as I applied the second coat I was looking at a fully opaque polish. The brush is amazing! It is thick so I only needed to paint the brush over my nails twice to get full nail coverage.

The dry time was fairly fast which was very exciting.

No Sugar Please (2)Just look at that shine! I didn’t add a top coat.

Nothing To Prove

Nothing To Prove (1)I am slightly obsessed with Nude polishes and Nothing To Prove didn’t disappoint!

The formula for both the polishes was exceptionally great and I found the smell of the polish was really pleasant too, it didn’t over-power the room.

Aesthetically this my all time favorite Nail polish bottle shape, its just so different!

Nothing To Prove (2)I am really confident that this is a must try brand for all you local ladies.

What do you think of these Neutrals?

They have a massive collection of pretty polishes (including Holo’s, Yipeee) If you want to see more swatches check out Michelle from OrdinaryMisfit review here.

Ok so you can check out this brand on the following Platforms:

Facebook, Twitter & on their Website.

You can contact them via Facebook to find your nearest stockist.






Blogging vs. Life

Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all good and well 😀

I have to be honest, blogging has not been my main focus as of late. It becomes really hard when life throws unexpected situations into the mix.

For me personally my life just seems to be so filled up with things that are more important than nail polish at the moment. For example Sundays are the days I get most of my swatching and nail art done for the blog, this Sunday that just passed was meant for exactly that… Until I moved a picture frame in our bedroom and found a green forest of mold growing behind it.

Cape Town has been exceptionally wet this winter, the back of our house has been flooded for ages! Its so bad that we have water lilies growing there, I mean hello those only grow in wetlands… So that’s saying something! Due to the wet weather and the fact that our room never gets any sunlight we developed a mold problem, at first it was all fine and we would wipe down the affected areas but when I saw that picture frame I realized the problem was way bigger than I had thought. Thus we had to do a massive clean.

Emptied out the entire room and got scrubbing! It took us 5 hours to get rid of all the spores. And of course 5 hours of exposure to harsh chemicals ruined my nails. In the last 3 days I have chipped, split and broken almost all of my nails. My hands have lost all natural moisture. I am back on my nail rehab program to try and get it right again.

The worst part is I had so many plans that now need to be pushed back.

I have a review on 1 more Nail Candi Jewel to do and swatches galore. It all has to wait now :(.

I guess these things happen, we must make due…

So because I have nothing new to show you, I decided to dedicate this post to the mean greens lol… Ok Harsh! Yeah its not my green nail polishes fault that mold exists in this world, they merely share the same colour…

So here is a recap of the green polishes that have graced the blog…


SinfulColors Rise & Shine



Tip Top Hap-Pea


Essence Colour & Go 179 Roller Coaster


TOY Lima

In The Lime Light

China Glaze In The Lime Light

151 We Rock The Green

Essence Colour & Go 151 We Rock The Green

1163 Unpredictable

China Glaze 1163 Unpredictable

150 Upper Green Side

Essence Colour & Go 150 Upper Green Side

138 L.O.L

Essence Colour & Go 138 L.O.L.

137 Army Vibes

Tip Top 137 Army Vibes

In The Rough

China Glaze In The Rough

520 Muse- Revlon Nail Enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel 520 Muse

1009 Lagon

SinfulColors 1009 Lagon


PTB Update

Happy Monday all,

I just wanted to keep you updated on whats happening with the blog.

As you may have noticed things are pretty quiet at the moment.

I am in the process of working on updating the blog. Its getting all new images & logo’s and even a new Content schedule 😀

I only have 2 posts coming off in the next 2 weeks, they are the last of the posts in my drafts sections.

The new blog look will be launched on the 8th of June YAY 😀

I have been putting all my efforts into new content and makeover so I am really excited to show you all! I have been on edge hanging onto some of the info I have and have nearly given sneak peeks far too many times!

At least now its only 2 weeks to go.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

All The Best



Good afternoon everyone,

So I am officially annoyed with myself. I promised a giveaway yesterday and then forgot all about it.

Today I have a giveaway for you 🙂



You can win all of the following:

  • MoYou London Scholar Collection Stamping Plate (No. 06)
  • Born Pretty Store Large Round Multi-colour Rhinestones
  • Sh’Zen Exfoliating Cream for Hands
  • LA Splash Glitter Polish in “Sparkling Lagoon” & “Treasure Chest”
  • Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen
  • Essence Nail Art Stampy Set
  • Essence Colour & Go in “Be My Lucky Star”
  • Essence Effect Nail Polish in “Pixie Dust”
  • Essence Me & My Ice Cream Nail Topping Stickers

You can enter via Raffelcopter link below or on the Facebook Widget.

Please note this giveaway is only open to Residents of South Africa. The winner will be announced on the 9th of May and will have 2 days in which to respond.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck everyone 😀