Comparison Post #6

Happee Wednesday Lovelies,

I am really starting to love these posts, they are really fun. I get to dig through my stash and pull out all the polishes that look the same and then try them out. Its like a fun little treasure hunt!

Today I have Catrice “Lilactric” vs. Essence “Hello Marshmallow”.


The polishes are both of the light purple variety and look pretty identical in bottle form.

But on my nails there is a difference…


Catrice “Lilactric” has a yellow shimmer laced into the polish where as Essence “Hello Marshmallow” is full on creme.

“Lilactric” required 2 even coats, but also a steady hand because of the shimmer its prone to leaving stroke marks. “Hello Marshmallow” is also 2 coats but much easier to apply due to it being a creme polish (That’s why I love Creme polishes, they are not as finicky).

Dry time they are pretty much on par with each other.

Cost wise:

  • Catrice “Lilactric” retails for R44.95 at Dischem Stores or can be bought online fromKalahari.comSpree & Takealot.
  • Essence “Hello Marshmallow” retails for R22.95 and can be found at Clicks, Dischem &

What do you think?




Comparison Post #5

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

I give you the 5th Installment to my Comparison Post adventures and today I will be comparing 2 dusty rose polishes. We will look at Revlon’s “Vintage Rose” & Essence “English Rose”



“Vintage Rose” is much darker than “English Rose” yet they both have that stunning dusty rose colour.

Revlon vintage rose vs essence english rose

(Please excuse the massive amount of shimmer on my palms, I had just applied an illuminater to my face and it got everywhere)

Both polishes required 2 coats to reach opacity and both dried fairly quickly.

“Vintage Rose” is more on the red side whereas “English Rose” is on the pink side.

They cost:

  • Revlon “Vintage Rose” is R99.00 and can be found at Clicks & Dischem Stores
  • Essence “English Rose” is R22.95 and can be found at Clicks, Dischem &




Comparison Post #4

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

We are halfway to the weekend 😀 Yaaaay!

Today we are getting mellow with the Yellow’s… Ok that was lame… Sorry 😛

I will be comparing Catrice Earnie & Birdie against Tip Top Sunkissed.



In bottle form “Sunkissed” is much brighter than “Earnie & Birdie”


But on my nails they are identical. Both polishes have a white underlying shimmer but “Sunkissed” leans more to a gold and “Earnie & Birdie” leans more to silver. If that makes sense.

“Earnie & Birdie” required 3 coats and “Sunkissed” only 2.

They both dried at the same rate and had the same finish.

See the cost and locations to purchase the polish below:

  • Catrice “Earnie & Birdie” is R44.95 at Dischem Stores or can be bought online from, Spree & Takealot.
  • Tip Top “Sunkissed” is R39.95 at Clicks Stores or can be bought online from Zando

What do you think?



Comparison Post #3

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have my 3rd comparison post for you.

We will be looking at Essence Be Berry Now! And SinfulColors Truth or Dare.


In the bottles they look exactly the same.


As you can see here though, there is a noticeable difference.

Be Berry Now! Is more on the pink side where as Truth or Dare is on the plum side.

Both swatches are 2 coats no top coat.


Comparison Post #2

Hello Lovelies,

I have a whole new comparison post for you today. YAY!

Today we will be looking at SinfulColors Lagon & China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On.


These colours are Identical, it’s only the finishes that differ.

Lagon is a very creamy polish with a glossy finish and Keep Calm, Paint On has a white shimmer.


I didn’t use any top coat and both polishes were 2 coats. I probably should have done 3 coats for Lagon as it’s a bit streaky, the streak didn’t show up until I took the image 😦


Comparison Post #1

Hello lovelies,

I am excited to bring you my first ever Comparison Post, I have seen many of my favourite bloggers do it before and always loved them as you get to see how polishes are alike and yet also so different.

My boyfriend had the nerve to say I had too many of the same colour *wince.

So that was sort of my inspiration to start doing these on the blog. I showed him the comparison you will see today and he just shrugged and mumbled something about being crazy. Men!

So today’s first comparison is 2 of my very first favourite purple polishes.

We will be looking at Revlon Bold Sangria & Tip Top Crushed Grapes.



As you can see by the names & colours of these polishes, they are wine inspired. Now I am a massive fan of red wine! And polish! So it doesn’t get any better than wine coloured nails tehe.


You can see how they are different. Crushed Grapes is more of a dark plum and Bold Sangria is more of a dark royal purple.

Both were only 2 coats of polish no top coat.

In doing this I also noticed that Crushed Grapes dried faster than Bold Sangria, I am not sure if this is because of their age difference or formula???

I plan on doing a comparison post every Wednesday so keep an eye out for the next one.



**Disclosure: Revlon ColorStay Bold Sangria was supplied by Revlon for Review. See the Post here.