#GstarRAW Women’s Night

Hello my Lovelies ❤

I hope you are all well and getting excited for the holidays (I am so excited)!

Today I have a rather different post for you, Its a fashion post *waits for gasps of horror. Hehe yes I do plan on branching out in 2015 to accommodate for multiple aspects of my life, including fashion and a few other new area’s.

Last week I was contacted by the lovelies over at Vivid Luxury and asked if I would like to attend an event for #GstarRAW, I said I would and asked if I could bring a friend? They said yes, which is awesome! Especially because I don’t know any of the Cape Town Fashion bloggers.

So I dragged my bestest to join me for a night of #RAW fun 🙂 <—- See what I did there?

I must just put this out there by saying… I do not consider myself stylish or “with it” when it comes to fashion so I was slightly daunted when I needed to choose an outfit. My wardrobe is rather basic! I went with Black Skinnies & a leopard print blouse. My clutch is vintage (It belonged to my granny) & some mustache pumps.


(Left: Me, Right: My bestie Daniella)

I have only ever been to 1 other event and I remember the food being delish! I love food, so I was excited to see what would be on the menu at the event… Lets just say I was not disappointed!

Untitled-1Onto my favorite part of the night… NAILS!

Morgan Taylor was one of the sponsors for the evening and with the help of the Foxbox ladies we all got to have our nails done sporting which ever colour that tickled our fancy.

Untitled-1I chose “Don’t Worry, Be Brilliant” and its from the Neon Collection. Its a neon peach polish. Daniella also chose it when she saw it on my nails but I told her she should have a Holo feature nail (Kinda wish I saw the holo glitter so I could have it too) to make it extra flashy.


Here we are just casually flashing our nails. We used the #bestienails (Share your Bestie Nails using the hashtag too)

Ok so onto the point of the evening, the denims…

I will start by sharing a little video with you.


We watched it at the event and it was pretty inspirational.

 “Woman need to celebrate how they’re built and I feel like these denims can achieve that”~Anelisa Mangcu.

Its one of my favorite quotes.

I live in denims, they are my life so I completely agree with everything #GStarRaw is!

I do however have one thing to add, these denims are an investment. I was slightly overwhelmed by the cost of a pair but as they are luxury denims they are something you work towards and definitely something you keep for life.

Daniella & I had a really good evening, I wish I was a bit more outgoing and actually mingled with the people at the event but hopefully I will build up the courage for the next one.

You can follow GStarRAW on Twitter & Facebook



A little goodbye “We-fie” is in order 🙂



*all images were either taken by myself or Daniella or by the photographer at the event.

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