Hello new adventure

Hello my lovelies,

I am writing to you with a heart filled with mixed feelings.

Today will be my last post here on Polished Tickles. I am sure some of you may have seen this coming due to my extended absence.

Sadly I fell out of love with Nail Art blogging, its really difficult to be inspired all the time & to spend large sums of money on Nail Polish. Luckily I have started a new blog. It will be an all rounder content wise and its a little more personal as I will actually talk about life. If you want to stick with me and make the crossover you can head over to tylerleigh.co.za.

So a little background? Well it all started exactly a year ago… My granny passed away and she was my everything! At my 21st she told everyone that in her life I was her soul mate, the one she would spend her life with. This was true for me too, I was so lucky to have her. She was one of my best friends. She fetched me from school almost every day (for 12 years) and she helped me find jobs and drove me to every interview. She was so supportive. I miss her everyday. Loosing her gutted me and changed me. I lost a little piece of myself.

I became very unmotivated and distracted. I thought that if I just kept going I would come right again and be able to get back into swatching and Nail Art every spare moment of the day like I used to. When the 31 Day challenge rolled around I was convinced that it was my saving grace. I committed to completing it. And I did but I felt washed up and burnt out. So I took a break… Which lasted terribly long. I posted a few times but I posted content that is more in line with my new blog vs. Polished tickles norm.

I did really try, I looked at re-branding and so many other things but my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.



I finally admitted that it was time for a change. ย So I started working on tylerleigh.co.za. I have a plan and have started working on the idea’s that have been buzzing around my head for months. I am feeling excited again which is great!

My new blog launches on the 1st of March. I find that slightly poetic seeing as Polished Tickles will be 3 years old.

I am still contemplating whether I should leave Polished Tickles online or pull it down? I’m thinking I will let it live out its Domain registration for the year and then take it down.

Don’t think I have given up on Nail Art, I haven’t! I will be doing Nail Art on the new blog I just wont be obligated to do it in every single post.

Thank you all for following me and growing my blog over the last few years. I have loved all the interactions we have had.

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The Big Break

Hello my loves,

Its been a while since I posted… Last time was the last post of #31DC2014.

I honestly felt absolutely finished! And I took a few days after the challenge to try and regroup my brain but the only thing I could think of was that I just need some serious down time.

This year has been one roller coaster ride after the next. My personal life has had some crazy bumps along the way. And my work life has just been so amazing and successful and I have had to step up and take on some awesome responsibilities so that too has lead to my need for a break.

Blog Break

I have a few area’s of my life that need a bit of work and so I need to focus on that before my blog. It makes me super teary when I think about it though because I just LOVE blogging!

While I was busy with the challenge I was approached by a few companies to do reviews so obviously I will be doing them really soon.

I just thought that I would rather explain why I would be absent vs. just not returning.

I owe you more than what I have been giving, my posts have been so short and simple which isn’t great, so I plan to work on that.

I am not leaving forever, I will be back. I am just not sure when, most likely in the new year. I promise this though, you can keep up to date on my Instagram because I will continue to do nails, I just won’t be Blogging.

So the awesome product reviews to look forward to?

Well an awesome brand called Ice Box Colors sent me some polishes to review so those will be up this weekend. Then The Born Pretty Store sent me a bunch of goodies to play with and I still have a stunning Nail Candi Nail Jewel to show you.

So you can expect those to come up as well as a guest post or 2 ๐Ÿ˜€

I am also opening my blog up to you, would you like to do a guest post?? You can email me at info@polishedticklesandbeauty.com to inquire.


Slight Delays

Hi my lovely followers,

I am slightly annoyed! It seems that today’s post isn’t going to be posted until tomorrow… Why you ask, well its Heritage Day in South Africa which is a public holiday so I am at home, My camera cable, well that’s at work and not here with me.

You can go see my nail art for today on Instagram, but the post will be late ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



31DC2014: Day 17-Glitter

Happy Happy middle of the week ๐Ÿ˜€



We are almost at the end of the Styles section. I normally manage to get this far, I struggle when it comes to the “Inspired by” section. Eeek its so close.

Anyway so today is Glitter, so lets get “Sparkly”




I used:

  • China Glaze “Glistening Snow”
  • TOY “Lila”
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Liner “Vibrant”
  • Born Pretty Store Glitter Kitย 

As with glitter, I always struggle to capture how it looks in real life on camera. So I did the usual flash and no flash

Below is with Flash



And without flash.



This challenge is starting to get tough, its difficult to be inspired every single day. But I am going to trudge on and finish this challenge!


Sorry We’re Closed



Happy Saturday Lovelies,


I sort of missed my Saturday Seeds dead line this week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sorry, I had a hectic one and didn’t manage to get a mani done in time for editing and all that jazz. *hangs head shamefully.

I plan on updating all my admin things involved with the bloggie and will resume to regular posting on Monday.

We are having dreadfully wet weather at the moment, flooding and all ( I literally nearly drowned my car yesterday, got a ton of water on the engine and it steamed up like crazy, the water was so high eeek)

Have a lovely weekend all.