{Review} Born Pretty Store Goodies

Good Morning all you lovelies,

I was sent some awesome goodies to test & try from Born Pretty Store and boy were they goodies!

I am part of the affiliate program and I was emailed by my rep who gave me a budget and I got to choose what I wanted to review. I chose 4 items but today I am only going to show you 2 of them.

Review copyI have been brain storming the heck out of these 2 items to see what I could come up with. I am so excited to show you what I did because a massive amount of time and effort went in it.

20141105_214813So I used the following items for my Mani:

The water decal SH02 & the 3D Nail Jewel.

20141105_214837I went for a full on vintage look.

I spent a great deal of time cutting out all the little flowers and putting them on my nails but I also added a full nail to show you what it would look like.

It was really easy to apply the decals, I just submerged them in a bit of water for a minute & then placed them on my nails using a tweezers.

In terms of the 3D jewel I used Seche Vite to attach it to my nail (Although nail glue would make it stick longer). But if you lost a jewel that would be ok because you get 5 if you order them.

I painted a Matte topcoat over everything to seal it off and tah-dah a super easy vintage mani.

What do you think?

The Born Pretty Store is having a Massive sale at the moment as it is their anniversary and each day they are announcing something new and exciting. If you would like to browse the website you can check them out here. Or you can follow them on any of their social media platforms: Facebook//Twitter//Instagram.

Also if you would like a super awesome discount on your order you can used PTB10K31 to get 10% off.


**Disclosure: There are Affiliate links on this post.


{Review} Ice Box Colors

Good Morning my Loves,

So today I have some new polishes to show you. This is the first time I have ever tried this brand.

Today’s post is just swatches but I will get some Nail Art done too which you can catch on Instagram & Facebook.




So on to the polishes!

So here is a little outtake from their website (I will add all the links at the bottom)

outstanding nail lustres range with its dazzling colours, stunning square bottles in both 7ml & 15ml, with its quick drying, long lasting, chip-resistant wear, is also 3-Free and is made in South Africa to the highest international standards.”

As you can see this is a Local brand which instantly made me love it more! Anything Local gets me all giddy!

No Sugar Please

No Sugar Please (1)

No Sugar Please is a rich dark chocolate brown polish.

When I first painted it on I got a little worried as the initial coat was so translucent but as soon as I applied the second coat I was looking at a fully opaque polish. The brush is amazing! It is thick so I only needed to paint the brush over my nails twice to get full nail coverage.

The dry time was fairly fast which was very exciting.

No Sugar Please (2)Just look at that shine! I didn’t add a top coat.

Nothing To Prove

Nothing To Prove (1)I am slightly obsessed with Nude polishes and Nothing To Prove didn’t disappoint!

The formula for both the polishes was exceptionally great and I found the smell of the polish was really pleasant too, it didn’t over-power the room.

Aesthetically this my all time favorite Nail polish bottle shape, its just so different!

Nothing To Prove (2)I am really confident that this is a must try brand for all you local ladies.

What do you think of these Neutrals?

They have a massive collection of pretty polishes (including Holo’s, Yipeee) If you want to see more swatches check out Michelle from OrdinaryMisfit review here.

Ok so you can check out this brand on the following Platforms:

Facebook, Twitter & on their Website.

You can contact them via Facebook to find your nearest stockist.






Blogging vs. Life

Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all good and well 😀

I have to be honest, blogging has not been my main focus as of late. It becomes really hard when life throws unexpected situations into the mix.

For me personally my life just seems to be so filled up with things that are more important than nail polish at the moment. For example Sundays are the days I get most of my swatching and nail art done for the blog, this Sunday that just passed was meant for exactly that… Until I moved a picture frame in our bedroom and found a green forest of mold growing behind it.

Cape Town has been exceptionally wet this winter, the back of our house has been flooded for ages! Its so bad that we have water lilies growing there, I mean hello those only grow in wetlands… So that’s saying something! Due to the wet weather and the fact that our room never gets any sunlight we developed a mold problem, at first it was all fine and we would wipe down the affected areas but when I saw that picture frame I realized the problem was way bigger than I had thought. Thus we had to do a massive clean.

Emptied out the entire room and got scrubbing! It took us 5 hours to get rid of all the spores. And of course 5 hours of exposure to harsh chemicals ruined my nails. In the last 3 days I have chipped, split and broken almost all of my nails. My hands have lost all natural moisture. I am back on my nail rehab program to try and get it right again.

The worst part is I had so many plans that now need to be pushed back.

I have a review on 1 more Nail Candi Jewel to do and swatches galore. It all has to wait now :(.

I guess these things happen, we must make due…

So because I have nothing new to show you, I decided to dedicate this post to the mean greens lol… Ok Harsh! Yeah its not my green nail polishes fault that mold exists in this world, they merely share the same colour…

So here is a recap of the green polishes that have graced the blog…


SinfulColors Rise & Shine



Tip Top Hap-Pea


Essence Colour & Go 179 Roller Coaster


TOY Lima

In The Lime Light

China Glaze In The Lime Light

151 We Rock The Green

Essence Colour & Go 151 We Rock The Green

1163 Unpredictable

China Glaze 1163 Unpredictable

150 Upper Green Side

Essence Colour & Go 150 Upper Green Side

138 L.O.L

Essence Colour & Go 138 L.O.L.

137 Army Vibes

Tip Top 137 Army Vibes

In The Rough

China Glaze In The Rough

520 Muse- Revlon Nail Enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel 520 Muse

1009 Lagon

SinfulColors 1009 Lagon


Tip Top Haul

Hello Lovelies,

So every few months Clicks have a deal where you buy 3 Tip Top polishes and the cheapest is free. This lot is actually from the previous sale (like 4 months ago woops I know #badblogger). They have recently had another sale too but I missed it 😦

Purple Bow Peep

First one that caught my eye was “Purple Bow Peep”, is from the Playful Range.

Its a creamy rich purple polish that only needs 2 coats. I needed a purple this rich and beautiful. I have noticed my collection is filled with lighter shades so this one happily found a home.



“Get The Party Started” is from the Neon Range. Its a bright pink Neon, like really bright! Its a typical neon polish though, it requires 3 coats to reach opacity. I find this occurs with most neon polished I have used. It takes a few layers… But dont give up on it, they pop like crazy once you have all the layers on. (PS you can also do a white polish base for even more pop)


Lastly is “Hap-Pea” which just reminds me of that song… “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” or something like that lol.

Its a dusty mint polish that too is deliciously creamy! Required 2 coats and is from the Playful Range.

Tip Top polishes are 3 Free and Local to South Africa (Local is Lekker!) Yeeeah! Love supporting Local brands! And with one this good who wouldnt hehe!



I got the blues… The TOY Blues

Hello Lovelies,

So I have a blue polishes to show you today.

Blue is my favorite polish colour to buy, in my storage system I store my pinks and purples in 1 box, my reds, yellows, oranges, browns, nudes and glitters in another box and my blues have a whole box to themselves.

The polishes I am going to show you today were sent by TOY for review.

First I have Blueberry Moon from the Maaji Collection.



Its a stunning blurple polish that has a very cool almost matte finish. Blueberry Moon is from last seasons Maaji Collection.

It only required 1 coat but I am a 2 coat kinda gal.

Next is Azul Oscuro.

Azul Oscuro


Its what I assume to be a “Crelly” (Im not exactly up to speed on all the nail art lingo)… Ok so I have consulted with my Hobby Polish peers and have had confirmation that this is a “Crelly” Polish. For those of you (Like me) that are wondering what the heck is a crelly? Well its a polish that looks like a Jelly but is opaque like a creme. To be honest I still do not get it? But I could just be a bit doff!

Anyhoo so I personally am not a fan of Jelly or Crelly polishes. This polish required 3 coats and I still felt like it needed a 4th, but I draw the line at 3 coats! I love the colour.

Are you a “Crelly”/”Jelly” Fan?


Comparison Post #6

Happee Wednesday Lovelies,

I am really starting to love these posts, they are really fun. I get to dig through my stash and pull out all the polishes that look the same and then try them out. Its like a fun little treasure hunt!

Today I have Catrice “Lilactric” vs. Essence “Hello Marshmallow”.


The polishes are both of the light purple variety and look pretty identical in bottle form.

But on my nails there is a difference…


Catrice “Lilactric” has a yellow shimmer laced into the polish where as Essence “Hello Marshmallow” is full on creme.

“Lilactric” required 2 even coats, but also a steady hand because of the shimmer its prone to leaving stroke marks. “Hello Marshmallow” is also 2 coats but much easier to apply due to it being a creme polish (That’s why I love Creme polishes, they are not as finicky).

Dry time they are pretty much on par with each other.

Cost wise:

  • Catrice “Lilactric” retails for R44.95 at Dischem Stores or can be bought online fromKalahari.comSpree & Takealot.
  • Essence “Hello Marshmallow” retails for R22.95 and can be found at Clicks, Dischem & Kalahari.com

What do you think?



Catrice Denim Moore

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you had a lovely weekend, mine was jam packed with Family so today I have a short post for you.

Catrice Denim Moore is such a pretty “Blurple” polish.



I love blue nail polish! Its like my kryptonite of the polish world!

This polish required 2 light coats. The white shimmer is really prominent once the polish is applied, gives a very pretty shimmer.

What do you think?