{Review} Born Pretty Store Goodies

Good Morning all you lovelies,

I was sent some awesome goodies to test & try from Born Pretty Store and boy were they goodies!

I am part of the affiliate program and I was emailed by my rep who gave me a budget and I got to choose what I wanted to review. I chose 4 items but today I am only going to show you 2 of them.

Review copyI have been brain storming the heck out of these 2 items to see what I could come up with. I am so excited to show you what I did because a massive amount of time and effort went in it.

20141105_214813So I used the following items for my Mani:

The water decal SH02Β & the 3D Nail Jewel.

20141105_214837I went for a full on vintage look.

I spent a great deal of time cutting out all the little flowers and putting them on my nails but I also added a full nail to show you what it would look like.

It was really easy to apply the decals, I just submerged them in a bit of water for a minute & then placed them on my nails using a tweezers.

In terms of the 3D jewel I used Seche Vite to attach it to my nail (Although nail glue would make it stick longer). But if you lost a jewel that would be ok because you get 5 if you order them.

I painted a Matte topcoat over everything to seal it off and tah-dah a super easy vintage mani.

What do you think?

The Born Pretty Store is having a Massive sale at the moment as it is their anniversary and each day they are announcing something new and exciting. If you would like to browse the website you can check them out here. Or you can follow them on any of their social media platforms: Facebook//Twitter//Instagram.

Also if you would like a super awesome discount on your order you can used PTB10K31Β to get 10% off.


**Disclosure: There are Affiliate links on this post.


31DC2014: Day 24-Inspired by “a book”

Good Morning,

Sorry about the delay with this post. I was most annoyed.

Today is inspired by a Book. I tried to decide on a book to use but couldn’t. I had been playing with the Idea of scrapbook nails a while back but never thought much of it.


The concept of scrapbook nails is to take nail stickers and create something different.

20140924_161843I used:

  • Bundle Monster Nail Effects Tribal.

There was absolutely no polish used to make this mani.

The base of my nail art was a really old no name brand (I threw the cover away years ago) nail sticker in a holo silver.


Overall I thought it looked pretty but I think the idea needs some refining.

What do you think? Great way to use nail stickers?





31DC2014: Day 23-Inspired by “a movie”

Hello everybody πŸ˜€

Its day 23 and I am starting to lose my steam. I find these last few prompts hella-hard! I only finished this Mani late last night.

Luckily tomorrow is Heritage Day in South Africa so we get to have a mid week break πŸ˜€ Yay!



So as you can see there isn’t much further to go. Yipee! After today’s post there are 8 more to go, I think tomorrow’s prompt is going to be hard but then the rest all look fairly easy.

Anyone have book suggestions? I can see “The Fault in our Stars” being a crowd fav so will avoid that one.

Some of my favourite books are: The beautiful Creatures Saga, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Every Harry Potter Book, Anything Katie Fforde writes and every Nicholas Sparks Novel.


Ok so today’s prompt is Movie… This really was tough because I love movies, I don’t just watch them, I disappear into them. I can watch a movie 100 times and not get sick of it (only good movies of course, the bad ones don’t get watched again).

I first settled on P.S. I Love You for today but it didn’t come out good at all so I brainstormed and decided to go with “Babe: Pig in the City”.

Let me just warn you, I was not my most creative.

20140922_210535So the polishes I used are as follows:

  • W Nail Art Pen “Bingo Flamingo”
  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Modern Romance”
  • Models Own Nail Art Pen in Sliver
  • Cina Black Nail Art Pen

20140922_210452So there it is. Babe in the City.

What movie did you do? Or would have done?




31DC2014: Day 17-Glitter

Happy Happy middle of the week πŸ˜€



We are almost at the end of the Styles section. I normally manage to get this far, I struggle when it comes to the “Inspired by” section. Eeek its so close.

Anyway so today is Glitter, so lets get “Sparkly”




I used:

  • China Glaze “Glistening Snow”
  • TOY “Lila”
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Liner “Vibrant”
  • Born Pretty Store Glitter KitΒ 

As with glitter, I always struggle to capture how it looks in real life on camera. So I did the usual flash and no flash

Below is with Flash



And without flash.



This challenge is starting to get tough, its difficult to be inspired every single day. But I am going to trudge on and finish this challenge!


31DC2014: Day 11-Polka Dots

Happy Happy Thursday everyone :D,

Day 11 has arrived and it brings forth one of my favorite Nail art techniques… Dotting ❀



I have more dotting tools than I do nailart brushes… I have a spare set just in case I loose one.

So for today’s Nail art I wanted to do something different. I decided on Matte Nails πŸ˜€



I used the following polishes:

  • China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Black is Black”
  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper (matte) “Soft Touch”
  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper “Hello Holo”

I started with a base of “Black is Back” and then added 2 coats of “Soft Touch”. Then I dotted on some holo and neon dots and Tah-Dah!

Its a Dotticure.




What do you think? This mani is super easy to do.



31DC2014: Day 4-Green Nails

Its day 4 My lovelies,


Green nails for days πŸ˜€ lol I spent a good few days brainstorming for this one. Its not lie when I tell you that 1 third of my collection is purely green nail polish so to narrow my colour selection down was crazy difficult. I ended up using a huge amount of polishes but the overall look was so cool.

This mani actually didnt even take that long considering the long list of polishes.



So I used the following polishes for this mani:

  • China Glaze “Unpredictable”
  • Tip Top “Army Vibes”
  • Essence Colour & Go ” Upper Green Side”
  • Essence Colour & Go ” Walk On The Wild Side”
  • Essence Colour & Go “We Rock The Green”
  • Essence Colour & Go ” Splash!”
  • Models Own Silver Liner Nail Art Pen
  • Cina Black Nail Art Pen
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Liner “Bright Green”
  • Seche Vite

Its Stained Glass Nails or Mosaic Nails, I cant decide which one to call it.



I just painted on the colours at random and then added a coat of Seche, then outlined all the colours and then coated seche again.

Easy as Pie πŸ˜€


Essence Newbies

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great Friday so far!

Today I have a few of the new Essence Polishes to show you. I bought these a while ago and have had them in my draft section for too long so I decided to share them with you before I forget about them.


173 over the rainbow

This polish is stunning, its a duochrome made in Heaven! With a baby blue base mixed with teal, silver & lavender pigments, it shoots off the most beautiful shimmer! Sadly I found streaking to be a big problem, I just couldn’t get it to be one clean line, my brush strokes are pretty evident.

This polish is stunning in direct daylight! I used 2 coats, no top coat.



03 glitz & glam

When I saw this on the shelf I was like “OMG that is so pretty” *adds it to haul… I love it even more over “Over the rainbow”. Don’t you feel like it gives off a Britney vibe? I don’t know, there was just something about this combo that threw me back to Britney-Pre-Drama aka the 90’s aka my entire childhood. #weird!

Ok so this polish looks great as a topper but also looks equally as stunning on its own… if you have patience to layer it, which sadly I did not 😦

Its filled with a variety of sparkling goodies, like green and gold micro glitter with a variety of small, medium & large pink Hex glitters.

I did 2 coats, no top coat.


179 Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is absolutely beautiful! Its a rich creme green with a subtle green shimmer, you would have to enlarge the image to see it :/ clearly… Sorry, the picture didn’t come out so great. eeek!!!!

I did 2 coats of this beauty.

And lastly I give you “Splash”


172 Splash

I am so excited about this one! Its a stunner of note! But yet again I struggled with streaks and brush lines 😦

My nails do not actually give this colour justice, that’s why I included a bottle shot below πŸ™‚ Its like a peacock in a bottle.


Bottle Shot

I did 2 coats for this swatch and probably should have used a top coat but didn’t. #meep

Anyhoo, I have tons more new Essence polishes to show you, I just need to find a chance to swatch them.

All the Best