31DC2014: Day 30-Inspired by “a tutorial”

Good evening lovelies,

So wow this week was crazy,it swallowed me whole.

I have the last 2 posts for the challenge tonight. I did them today.

chalkboard-nails-31-day-challenge-2014-just-peachyI was inspired by a Youtube Tutorial from cutepolish (see here)

I did have exactly the same colours as her so I used the closest ones in my neon collection that I could.



I used the following polishes:

  • TOY Maaji “Candy Bay”
  • Bourjois “Cerise Noire”
  • OPI “Steady As She Rose”
  • Catrice “For Bright Guys”
  • TOY Maaji “Maaji’s Ocean”

Its just a basic dotticure but I thought the colours looked so pretty together I just had to try it.

Day 30What do you think?






31DC2014: Day 28-Inspired by “a flag”

Hello my dears,

The finish line is so close, I cannot wait for this to be over. I have really enjoyed it but wow its a push creatively.

chalkboard-nails-31-day-challenge-2014-just-peachyToday is day 28 & I had to be inspired by a flag… Well its a bit of a random prompt but I did it.

I was originally going to do a Game of Thrones flag but upon googling it I realised that would require more skill then I had on hand. So my boyfriend suggested Harry Potter instead. He said I should do the house flags pfft… like I would waste my time on the other houses. Im team gryffindor all the way!

GryffindorcrestI know this is their crest, but the flag sort of looks the same. So I used this as my inspiration for my flag inspired nails.

20140928_200030The colour selection is very basic, I used:

  • Essence Colour & Go “Little Miss Sunshine”
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco Liner in “Red”

20140928_200015So there you have it, Gryffindor flag nails 😀

They were easy to create thanks to the red liner. I painted the base colour yellow and then used the liner to draw and fill in the checks.

Which team are you?






31DC2014: Day 25-Inspired by “fashion”

Good Morning my dears,

The second I saw my inspiration image I knew I was going to use it for today’s prompt.


I am no Fashionista, but I can appreciate a stunning design. What is better than a rainbow coloured dress? Not much!


Image Source


This dress is from Chanel SS14 Collection.


I used a lot of polishes.

  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”
  • Tip Top “Sherbet Angel”
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco Liner “Bright Green”
  • Essence “Flashy Pumpkin”
  • Essence “The Boy Next Door”
  • Essence “Prom Berry”
  • Essence “Little Miss Sunshine”
  • Essence “I’m So Very”
  • Essence “Do You Speak Love”
  • Essence “Fame Fatal”
  • Essence “Redvolution”

All the Essence polishes are from the Colour & Go Range.

I mixed all the colours with white polish (Except for the last 4 polishes, because red and white make pink). Each time I added a little more white to make the colours lighter.


I am so in love with this nail art.

I have seen someone else who has used these dresses as inspiration and done the same thing, I cant recall on which blog but she also did a great job at it.

What do you think?



31DC2014: Day 1-Red Nails

Happy Monday Lovelies,

So its finally here, Day 1 of the 31 day Nail Art Challenge. Yayness!


Ok so I am kind of glad that day 1 is the only prompt I’m like “meh” about. I do not like red nail polish. I hate working with it, I always feel so uninspired to do anything amazing with it…

So I just did a Glitter Gradient.



I used the following polishes to come up with the look:

  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper in 09  Copper’ize Me!
  • O.P.I in Chick Flick Cherry
  • O.P.I in OY-Another Polish Joke!

Lets see what I did.



Not really feeling it but that’s ok, I have 30 more days to impress myself hehe.

Who else is doing the challenge? Share your links in the comments xxx


Saturday Seeds #3

Happy weekend Lovelies,

Hope you all having a good relax.

So I saw this picture and was like wow that would be easy to do… Boy was I wrong…



I love the colours for the weeks challenge but I just couldn’t get what was in my head out onto my nails. It could have been the fact that I have had a really busy week at work and was a bit tired. Or it could have been that I accidentally left this to the last minute. Whatever the case may be this weeks Saturday Seed post is a total Nail Fail!

Ok let me show you.



I used the following polishes:

  • Essence “Loves Recipe”
  • Essence “L.O.L.”
  • Essence “Gorgeous Bling Bling”
  • SinfulColors “Rise & Shine”
  • TOY Maaji “Maaji’s Ocean”

All of these together gave me this…


I did a gradient using Rise & Shine and Maaji’s Ocean and then used the Essence polishes to do the details.


I think that I am going to have to add this to my retry list so that I can see if it can be done better, which I know for a fact it can be!

But oh well whats done is done, at least now I learn my lesson and wont leave this to the last minute again.



#MaajiMagic2014 Bonus Post

Hello Lovelies,

My Photoshop bombed out so I had to wait to post this 😦 But here it is, rather late than never.

So today I have the nail art I did for TOY and the Maaji Magic event.

Enjoy xx

20140615_205750 20140615_210049 20140615_210738 20140615_212021 20140615_213925 20140615_214542


I decided to only add it to the Feature nail as that’s how it would have been done at the event.


A Sad Polish Post

Hi Everyone,

This post is a bit of a sad one for me.

Back in Feb my granny passed away, she was a massive part of my life. My parents live oversea’s so its always been just me, my brother & my gran.

Whenever I was sick, she would take me to the doctor and make sure I was ok. She also had a knack for bargain hunting and we would shop for hours and spend under R500.00. And Sundays were our days for lunches or shopping.

My Granny was my best friend!

As with any death in a Family, possessions need to be divided among the Family. When my Mom asked me if there was anything I would like, I asked for the Nail Polish. She didn’t have a huge collection just I few from me that have already been featured on the blog and these below.


Island Coral

My gran LOVED Coral nail polish, and even nicked a few of mine when I would go paint her nails. So for her birthday I bought her Sinful Colours “Island Coral”. Sadly she never go to use it as she passed away a few days later.

But she loved it! As did I.

Its a wonderful polish, its more on the Pink side of Coral than the Orange, so basically very similar to a Salmon Shade. I used 2 coats, no top coat.


Miss Marilyn

Miss Marilyn is made by Woolworths South Africa. Its from their “W Paint” Range.

I had no idea they even had polish so as soon as I got this one I went to see the others in-store. I have yet to buy any but they are really affordable and have a nice variety of colours.

This polish, as with any Red polish, is not my favorite. This was further fueled by the very runny formula. But in its defense I think its supposed to be a Jelly polish… although I am not too sure about that either.

I cant guarantee that my gran didn’t thin it out herself so I will have to reserve my judgments until I have tried a brand new one.

I had a 3rd one but I couldn’t find a name for it anywhere on the internet. So once I have finally found its name I will blog about that one too.


Have you ever been handed down or inherited a bottle of polish?

All The Best