Mr Price Nail Wraps

Lets jump right into it shall we?

So after trying the Bundle Monster Foils, see here. I had to explore further.

I am big on saving and so I tried to find an alternative that was affordable and local… In comes Mr Price, its all in the name!

The following wraps are by Bella Cosmetics.

The Package

The Package

The Sizes

The Sizes

The Finished Look

The Finished Look

I struggled with the application of these, they were so thin and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t prevent them from creasing.

You can buy these online or in-store.

So that ends my venture into foils for the week. I put them to rest for now but who knows what the future will bring…

All the Best



Bundle Monster Nail Wraps… Continued

Hello dear followers,

Today I have the rest of the Bundle Monster Tribal foils for you to drool over.

Previously I had only posted about the on set, see here.

I tried to get better at it but some foils just seem to have a mind of their own.

2013 111

These reminded me of snake skin, they felt pretty cool and look fantastic.

2013 114

2013 117

2013 119

I have cursed pinkies, by that I mean they are tiny and the smallest size foil does not fit! I was too much of a chicken to start cutting them to size out of fear that I would ruin  them. On top of that I seemed to be unable to make them not crinkle, some didn’t but others just would not fit right!

All in all I love the concept, not a fan of application.

As for lifespan… They irritated the hell out me, they just felt foreign to me and i played with them until the tips came lose then just peeled them off. #fail

What is your opinion?

All The Best


Bundle Monster Tribal Nail Effects

A short while ago I won a Bundle Monster Giveaway on Twitter and got to choose a set of their Nail Effects Stripes.

I must be honest in the fact that I have always been a bit of a skeptic when it came to nail foils, I felt it was the easy/lazy way of getting pretty nails but to be fair I have come to the understanding that not every person on the planet has time or patience to do full on nail art and have since changed my opinion.

Nail foils give an awesome look that sometimes even the best artists out there couldn’t achieve.

In the set you get 5 different patterns with 12 “stickers” of various sizes to fit your nails.

Bundle Monster 005


It comes in a single pack like this.

Bundle Monster 006And contains 5 awesome patterns

Bundle Monster 007 Bundle Monster 008 Bundle Monster 011 Bundle Monster 010 Bundle Monster 009Obviously as you can see, I chose to use the middle set.

Tribal Master Piece

Tribal Master Piece

As you can see there is some skill required when applying these beauties… I skill that I have yet to Nail ;P

Its basically like covering school books in sticky plastic but on a much smaller scale.

I have some refining to do.


What do you think of these? Have you ever tried using foils before?