Christmas Gift Guide

Hello my lovelies,

I am pretty excited to show you my picks for Christmas this year. How did I choose these goodies?? Well I decided to pick some of my favorites from this year and some that I am dying to try out. This is a gift guide designed for nail art fanatics so please share with your specials to make sure they know what to get you.

xmas favs copy

  1. Sweet Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover – R 110.00 at The Body Shop
  2. Colour Crush Nail Polish in “Green” – R 65.00 at The Body Shop
  3. Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – R 105.00 at LUSH 
  4. Tiny Hands Massage Bar – R 85.00 at LUSH 
  5. Merry Xmas Tree Jewels – R 25.00 at Nail Candi
  6. China Glaze “Chillin’ With My Snow-mies” – 😦 Not available in SA yet but you can query its arrival with Nail Candi &/or Maskscara (Or if you can’t wait, try ebay)
  7. Morgan Taylor “Rare as Rubies” – R 109.95 at RubyBox
  8. Morgan Taylor “Glitter & Gold” – R 109.95 at RubyBox
  9. Handy Gurugu Hand Cream – R 120.00 at LUSH
  10. TOY by Maaji “Burgundy Waves” R 99.00 at TOY Style (ppst… See polish swatch here)
  11. TOY Dark Colors Remover Pot – R 99.00 at TOY Style

Which of these are on your list?

Remember to share this list if you want any of these beauties.



[Review] Nail Candi: Nail Ring

Happy Wednesday,

So usually I do a comparison post today but I was playing with my Nail Candi nail ring last night and got inspired. The nail art I did is so pretty in my opinion so I couldn’t wait until Friday to share.



I wanted to use colours the complimented the Rose Gold colour of the Nail Ring so I decided to use Revlon ColourStay Fall Mood and Tip Top Melting Marshmallow.



I love how it came out, I just did random dots of Various sizes. I prefer Melting Marshmallow dots over Fall Mood vs. the other way around. What do you think?

Lastly I added the Nail Ring.

20140722_203936I think it looks very pretty.

I have a few concerns though…

Firstly when I first got all the Goodies from Nail Candi my nails were seriously long! So long that when I first tried on the ring, my nail was showing at the end of it. I definitely was not going to cut my nails at that point and so I left it to review at a later stage.

I also struggled with fit, my fingers are slightly thin so the ring didn’t fit on any of my fingers, it just slid down and looked silly really. I did bend it a little to get the finger space a little tighter but not too much to warp the metal.

I think that in terms of rings its very important to have a size scale. I don’t think a one size fits all approach works because we are not all one size.

Other than that I really love this trend! And would love to try other rings to see how they work for me.

All in all I give the Nail Candi nail ring a 3 out of 5.

Rating 3




But this is only because of my skinny fingers and used-to-be Long nails.

What do you think?

If you would like to purchase these or see more of what Nail Candi has to offer you can check out their links below:

Nail Candi Website

Nail Candi Twitter

Nail Candi Facebook Page

Nail Candi Instagram

You can pop into your local Dream Nails or Sorbet salons, or see other stockists here


Review time with Nail Candi

Happy Friday my lovely followers,

As you can tell I am so happy its Friday, I am utterly finished after this week. My boyfriend started his first job in his field of studies and has to wake up at 5:30am in the morning to get ready for work. I have been getting up with him so we have a few extra minutes together before we start our days, yes I know its my own fault for being tired then.

So anyway that has lead me to have less time in the evening to do nail art! I know still my fault tehe.

I literally left this review to the last minute, I knew I wanted at least part of it done so I could post it today and so I stuck to a strict schedule last night, instead of unwinding in front of the TV with a drink in my hand, I jumped up on my bed pulled out all my polishes and got down to business.

My Nail art for today’s post was inspired by Very Emily’s Shattered Glass & Diamond Nails that she posted yesterday (see post here, its stunning!) on her blog. I loved the negative space aspect to it and always wanted to try it out so I decided to do it! Plus it makes the Nail Candi look “Wowza”.

Ok so lets get to it!

Nail Candi contacted me last week and asked if they could send me some goodies to review, of course I said yes as I had been perving of OrdinaryMisfits reviews of their pretties. (see here & here)

So now for some background on Nail Candi… Nail Candi was founded by Michell Sierra, famous for doing nails on all the runways of SA Fashion week plus working with local and international Celebs. She saw an opening in the South African Market for Nail Art Jewelery and started working on the pieces. If I can just say, Thank you Michell, you were so right! We needed these!

I received 3 different items from their catalogue, but today I will be showing you their “Candi Crown Jewel” which can be bought here (PS I will list other stockists at the end of the post)




Ok so back to the Mani, I fell in love with “Very Emily’s” adaption of a negative space mani by adding a glitter base instead of a naked base.

My mani is a Negative Space Skittle Mani.



I started with 2 coats of Essence nail Art Special effects topper in 08 Nights In Vegas, the as always I am too lazy to wait for things to dry so I didn’t want to tape, instead a did some free hand using my Cina Nail Art Pen. I also added some accents of Essence Colour & Go 178 Hello Spring!


Finally I added a thick coat of Seche Vite and stuck on the Candi Crown Jewels.



I have a few suggestions for application & removal, firstly the instructions for the jewels state that it needs to be stuck down with nail glue, I disagree Seche Vite works just as well. I wasn’t too keen on adding glue to my nails so I tried Seche Vite and it worked like a dream! I went to bed with the jewels on and woke up this morning and they are still in the same place. I do strongly believe that any old top coat will not hold the jewels in place, if you don’t have Seche Vite then rather stick to the nail glue.

Secondly the removal process also sounded a but scary to me, its suggested that you use a nail clipper to unhinge the jewel from your nail but again I am too worried about what that might do to my nail so instead you could get a piece of cotton thread, wrap it around your fingers as if you are going to floss, dip the cotton into some acetone free remover and slowly guide it under the jewel until it comes loose. This process does take a bit longer but at least this way you can protect both your nail and the jewel.

I must say I really LOVE the way these jewels look, its so blingy. I keep getting distracted by how it shimmers in the light.

I give these Nail Candi Crowns a rating of… 5 out of 5 😀

Rating 5

If you would like to purchase these or see more of what Nail Candi has to offer you can check out their links below:

Nail Candi Website

Nail Candi Twitter

Nail Candi Facebook Page

Nail Candi Instagram

You can pop into your local Dream Nails or Sorbet salons, or see other stockists here

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ❤