31DC2014: Day 26-Inspired by “a pattern”

Good Morning my lovelies <3,

Today is day 26 of the 31 day Nail Art Challenge.

Time is flying so fast!

chalkboard-nails-31-day-challenge-2014-just-peachyToday we had to pull inspiration from a pattern. I didn’t have 1 source of inspiration but a whole bunch.

I am slightly obsessed with green china. I love the traditional blue & white but green is just so pretty!

PicMonkey CollageSo instead of copying just 1, I just did my own version.

You can check out my pinterest for more images, just go to the High Tea Party board. (link at top right)



I used the following polishes:

  • TOY Maaji “Minty Sparrow”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Roller Coaster”

I always use Seche Vite when I stamp, I use it between my base colour & my stamping. So if I make a mistake its easier to fix.

I used my MoYou London Bridal Stamping Plate for the detailing.



The colour Combo is just so pretty, I must try it again doing something else.

I have been using my Marshmellow stamper but it seems to smudge a bit, do you have any suggestions for a stamper that is a mix of soft & firm?





31DC2014: Day 21-Inspired by “a colour”

Happy 21st of September, aka Day 21!


I have been staring at this option for a while, its rather difficult! But then I was looking through my nail art and remembered how much I loved a mani I did for a review a little while back. I was inspired by the colour combo. I am in love with Rose Gold at the moment! Its one of my favourite metallic colours so I decided to use it as my Colour for today’s  prompt.


I used:

  • Tip Top “Melting Marshmallow”
  • Revlon ColorStay “Fall Mood”

I then went on to stamp using my MoYou London Bridal Collection Plate.


I thought it came out very pretty but not as striking as my previous mani using these colours (see here).

What do you think?


31DC2014: Day 15-Delicate Print

Hello my lovelies,

Today we are basically half way.


I have tried to do delicate prints free hand… It never comes out delicate, I’m too heavy handed. So naturally the only option I had was to stamp, and to stamp using my Bridal Collection Plate from MoYou London. Its covered in stunning delicate lace patterns (See day 3 & day 5 for more examples of stamping from this plate) I have also realised that I have hardly used any pink so far, so I decided to do some pink 😀



I have only recently got my hands on Sally Hansen polishes, My 2nd Mom Mandy bought me a couple. They actually stamp brilliantly!

I used:

  • Sally Hansen “Pink Punch”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Space Queen”
  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”

I love the look of it, the white base makes the pink pop off my nails.


I added some of the Essence glitter over the top and tah-dah! I chose “Space Queen” because it is so light it wouldn’t get in the way but give a subtle sparkle.

What do you think?



31DC2014: Day 7-Black & White Nails

Hello Lovelies,

Wow 1 week down!



Today is black & white.



I used:

  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”
  • SinfulColors “Black on Black”

I decided to do some stamping… But it wasn’t so successful. I just couldn’t get clean lines. It drove me bonkers lol.

In the end I gave up after multiple attemps.


I used my MoYou London Festive Collection Plate 04. I love this plate because even though its a Christmas plate I can use some of the images for anything!

Anyone have tips to getting a clean lined stamp? My frustrations could be measured on the Richter scale!




31DC2014: Day 5-Blue Nails

Hello Lovelies,

I cant believe how fast time is flying, we are already on day 5.


Once again I decided to stick to something simple, I only used 2 polishes.



I used:

  • Tip Top ” In The Navy”
  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”

I must be honest that “Snow Me White” is my go to polish, its one of the best white polishes I have ever used.

I did a skittle mani. I added some studs and jewels. I also used my MoYou London Bridal Collection Plate 07.

The Jewels are from Born Pretty Store, The Studs are from Essence & the little nail Jewel is from Nail Candi. I also used some Nail Vinyl decals to do my Chevron finger.


I still need loads of practice stamping. I used a Konad stamper to do this mani but prefer my marshmallow one. The Marshmallow Stamper is the bomb!

What do you think?

I am in love with my pointer finger, the stamp looks stunning over the white.



31DC2014: Day 3-Yellow Nails

Morning Lovelies,

Its day 3 today and that means Yellow nails 😀



I had so many ideas for this but in the end I settled on a soft delicate look.


I stamped today! I used my MoYou London Bridal Collection Plate 07.

The polishes I used are as follows:

  • SinfulColors “Unicorn”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Hello Marshmallow“

Its really plain and simple but oh so pretty.

I was really happy with the way it came out.


What do you think? Yellow is also one of those tough colours. Hard to use as the main focus colour.



Tip Top Swatches and a little Stamping! *Pic Heavy

Morning, Morning 🙂

Here are more polishes I got over the Xmas Break, I bought them for myself 😀

Tip Top was having a sale and I just couldn’t resist!

918 Crushed Grapes

918 Crushed Grapes

Out of all 5 polishes I have swatched Crushed Grapes is my favorite! Possibly my favorite from the whole Tip Top range too! Its colour is so rich and creamy its insane!

I look at this swatch now and think its going to be perfect for winter!

917 Sherbet Angel

917 Sherbet Angel

This one is a pop of Barbie pink, its so bright and in your face… I love it! Perfect for toes too. I would love to stamp with this over a white base colour, I think that would be beautiful! I did two coats for this polish but one would have been fine too. Its formula and creme finish is so great for 1 coat.

915 Surfer Girl

915 Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl is a purple with a gorgeous white shimmer. Two coats is all you need! Usually I find with polishes that have a shimmer, even if its a slight one, streaking is more prominent but I didn’t have that issue with this polish in fact I don’t recall ever having any problems with Tip Top polishes.

903 Melting Marshmellow

903 Melting Marshmellow

Melting Marshmellow has been on my wishlist for ever! I first saw it on Voni’s blog For The Love of Nailart and added it to my list and then it popped up recently on Michelle’s blog OrdinaryMistfit too and I knew I just had to share it with you!

For starter I love Marshmallows! Chubby Bunny was my favorite game and melting marshmallows on the braai was the best thing about braai’s (For my international readers a braai is the Afrikaans word for a barbecue, just incase you were wondering)

911 Sunkissed

911 Sunkissed

And lastly I have Sunkissed to show you. I have this weird love of Yellow Nail Polish, I don’t understand it much but for some reason I just have to have a yellow polish from every brand of polish I buy… I don’t wear them much but just having them makes me happy! I think its because you get to have a little bottle of sunshine 😀

All the swatches in my post were 2 coats and super easy to work with!

I loved these 5 colours together so I decided to do a Gradient Mani… I flopped it! I pretty much have no fool-proof method to gradients yet so if you do please share 😀


My Gradient Flop

So to cover up my flop I stamped over it…

A Stamping Recovery

A Stamping Recovery

I actually loved the final look, keep it on my nails for over a week!

I used my Moyou Festive Collection Plate 04


I love that even though its an Xmas plate I can use it all year round! I have ordered 2 other plates as well now because I loved how easy it was to use. I might maybe even be doing a giveaway of one of these pretty soon (wink wink, hint hint) so stay tuned 😀

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Tomorrow I will be doing nails at a fashion show for all the models, I am rather nervous as its my first ever event eeek. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you will be able to see all the behind the scenes and I will also do a blog post very soon.

All The Best