31DC2014: Day 31-Recreation of Nail art by: Paulina’s Passions

Hello again 🙂

So here is the final post from the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.

Cannot believe I made it to the end (We will just pretend I am not a few days late hehe)

I was seriously questioning my sanity the last few days.


The challenge is tough, it really tests your creativity and skill.

Ok so we were supposed to honor nails we loved. I was inspired by Paulina’s Passions, this was actually the Nail Art she did for day 12 of the challenge.


I used a few pretties:

  • Essence “A Piece of Forever” from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Trend Edition.
  • Catrice “Gold Leaf” Top Coat
  • TOY Maaji “Maaji’s Ocean”
  • TOY Maaji “Candy Bay”
  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”

I also used Studs that I bought from Maskscara (A nail Supply store in Cape Town) and my striping tape from ebay.

So I really had fun doing this.

Day 31

I really like it 😀 but need to practice painting anchors.

Yipeee its over hehe, will do it all again next year for sure! Great test of skill & creativity.



31DC2014: Day 24-Inspired by “a book”

Good Morning,

Sorry about the delay with this post. I was most annoyed.

Today is inspired by a Book. I tried to decide on a book to use but couldn’t. I had been playing with the Idea of scrapbook nails a while back but never thought much of it.


The concept of scrapbook nails is to take nail stickers and create something different.

20140924_161843I used:

  • Bundle Monster Nail Effects Tribal.

There was absolutely no polish used to make this mani.

The base of my nail art was a really old no name brand (I threw the cover away years ago) nail sticker in a holo silver.


Overall I thought it looked pretty but I think the idea needs some refining.

What do you think? Great way to use nail stickers?





31DC2014: Day 13-Animal Print

Good Morning my dear’s.

Today is yet another beautiful day 😀



Today we make tribute to the animal kingdom. I love this prompt, I love seeing all the various animal prints used for inspiration.

Today I am doing good ol’faithful Mr. Leopard.

I couldn’t remember the last time I did a leopard print so thought I would try do it again.



I used some very neutral colours:

  • Essence Colour & Go “Wanna Say Hello”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Go Bold”
  • Essence Colour & Go “1000 Miles Away”



To me this is one of the easiest types of nail art to do, as no spot is the same! So how can you mess it up?

I normally go an buy 3 nail polishes and a dotting tool, I then print a little “how to guide” on leopard print nail art and I give that as gifts to people. Its pretty fun to make these packs 😀

What do you think?

What animal did you use as inspiration? Share your links.


31DC2014: Day 8-Metallic Nails

Its a Metallic Monday 😀



We are nearly at the end of the Colours section and then we move on to the Styles.

I don’t own very many metallic polishes but I do have a killer good gold so I decided to use it for today’s Mani.

I have seriously been loving the metallic’s & pastel colour combo’s lately.



I decided on green & gold (Our Country’s International Sports Colours). I did a mani a while back for an event so I decided to recreate it here today.

The polishes I used:

  • Essence Colour & Go “Upper Green Side”
  • Tip Top “Go For Gold”

I used my biggest dotting tool so I could make bold dots.



What do you think of the colour combo? I recently did something similar using the same metallic/pastel concept. I used Rose Gold & Pastel Pink.

I would love to see your metallic mani’s so share your links xxx


31DC2014: Day 1-Red Nails

Happy Monday Lovelies,

So its finally here, Day 1 of the 31 day Nail Art Challenge. Yayness!


Ok so I am kind of glad that day 1 is the only prompt I’m like “meh” about. I do not like red nail polish. I hate working with it, I always feel so uninspired to do anything amazing with it…

So I just did a Glitter Gradient.



I used the following polishes to come up with the look:

  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper in 09  Copper’ize Me!
  • O.P.I in Chick Flick Cherry
  • O.P.I in OY-Another Polish Joke!

Lets see what I did.



Not really feeling it but that’s ok, I have 30 more days to impress myself hehe.

Who else is doing the challenge? Share your links in the comments xxx


[Review] Nail Candi: Nail Ring

Happy Wednesday,

So usually I do a comparison post today but I was playing with my Nail Candi nail ring last night and got inspired. The nail art I did is so pretty in my opinion so I couldn’t wait until Friday to share.



I wanted to use colours the complimented the Rose Gold colour of the Nail Ring so I decided to use Revlon ColourStay Fall Mood and Tip Top Melting Marshmallow.



I love how it came out, I just did random dots of Various sizes. I prefer Melting Marshmallow dots over Fall Mood vs. the other way around. What do you think?

Lastly I added the Nail Ring.

20140722_203936I think it looks very pretty.

I have a few concerns though…

Firstly when I first got all the Goodies from Nail Candi my nails were seriously long! So long that when I first tried on the ring, my nail was showing at the end of it. I definitely was not going to cut my nails at that point and so I left it to review at a later stage.

I also struggled with fit, my fingers are slightly thin so the ring didn’t fit on any of my fingers, it just slid down and looked silly really. I did bend it a little to get the finger space a little tighter but not too much to warp the metal.

I think that in terms of rings its very important to have a size scale. I don’t think a one size fits all approach works because we are not all one size.

Other than that I really love this trend! And would love to try other rings to see how they work for me.

All in all I give the Nail Candi nail ring a 3 out of 5.

Rating 3




But this is only because of my skinny fingers and used-to-be Long nails.

What do you think?

If you would like to purchase these or see more of what Nail Candi has to offer you can check out their links below:

Nail Candi Website

Nail Candi Twitter

Nail Candi Facebook Page

Nail Candi Instagram

You can pop into your local Dream Nails or Sorbet salons, or see other stockists here


Essence Newbies

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great Friday so far!

Today I have a few of the new Essence Polishes to show you. I bought these a while ago and have had them in my draft section for too long so I decided to share them with you before I forget about them.


173 over the rainbow

This polish is stunning, its a duochrome made in Heaven! With a baby blue base mixed with teal, silver & lavender pigments, it shoots off the most beautiful shimmer! Sadly I found streaking to be a big problem, I just couldn’t get it to be one clean line, my brush strokes are pretty evident.

This polish is stunning in direct daylight! I used 2 coats, no top coat.



03 glitz & glam

When I saw this on the shelf I was like “OMG that is so pretty” *adds it to haul… I love it even more over “Over the rainbow”. Don’t you feel like it gives off a Britney vibe? I don’t know, there was just something about this combo that threw me back to Britney-Pre-Drama aka the 90’s aka my entire childhood. #weird!

Ok so this polish looks great as a topper but also looks equally as stunning on its own… if you have patience to layer it, which sadly I did not 😦

Its filled with a variety of sparkling goodies, like green and gold micro glitter with a variety of small, medium & large pink Hex glitters.

I did 2 coats, no top coat.


179 Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is absolutely beautiful! Its a rich creme green with a subtle green shimmer, you would have to enlarge the image to see it :/ clearly… Sorry, the picture didn’t come out so great. eeek!!!!

I did 2 coats of this beauty.

And lastly I give you “Splash”


172 Splash

I am so excited about this one! Its a stunner of note! But yet again I struggled with streaks and brush lines 😦

My nails do not actually give this colour justice, that’s why I included a bottle shot below 🙂 Its like a peacock in a bottle.


Bottle Shot

I did 2 coats for this swatch and probably should have used a top coat but didn’t. #meep

Anyhoo, I have tons more new Essence polishes to show you, I just need to find a chance to swatch them.

All the Best