31DC2014: Day 30-Inspired by “a tutorial”

Good evening lovelies,

So wow this week was crazy,it swallowed me whole.

I have the last 2 posts for the challenge tonight. I did them today.

chalkboard-nails-31-day-challenge-2014-just-peachyI was inspired by a Youtube Tutorial from cutepolish (see here)

I did have exactly the same colours as her so I used the closest ones in my neon collection that I could.



I used the following polishes:

  • TOY Maaji “Candy Bay”
  • Bourjois “Cerise Noire”
  • OPI “Steady As She Rose”
  • Catrice “For Bright Guys”
  • TOY Maaji “Maaji’s Ocean”

Its just a basic dotticure but I thought the colours looked so pretty together I just had to try it.

Day 30What do you think?






31DC2014: Day 1-Red Nails

Happy Monday Lovelies,

So its finally here, Day 1 of the 31 day Nail Art Challenge. Yayness!


Ok so I am kind of glad that day 1 is the only prompt I’m like “meh” about. I do not like red nail polish. I hate working with it, I always feel so uninspired to do anything amazing with it…

So I just did a Glitter Gradient.



I used the following polishes to come up with the look:

  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper in 09  Copper’ize Me!
  • O.P.I in Chick Flick Cherry
  • O.P.I in OY-Another Polish Joke!

Lets see what I did.



Not really feeling it but that’s ok, I have 30 more days to impress myself hehe.

Who else is doing the challenge? Share your links in the comments xxx


Saturday Seeds #5

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

Its so rainy and miserable in Cape Town at the moment, if you are currently experiencing the joys of summer can I come live with you? I really dislike the cold.

Anyhoo so today I have a new seed post for you.



It’s sort of funny but I didn’t know that these are artichokes… Artichokes are food right? Not flowers? I was a bit shocked because they are beautiful! Lol I claim ignorance!

As you may have picked up I am a bit of a purple polish Luva! This just screamed “paint me”.

The Polishes I used are as follows ❤



As you can see Essence dominated this week, they really do have an amazing selection of polishes at an incredibly affordable price.

For the sake of my sanity I wont type Essence 5 times lol so today just the polish names:

  • Grey-T To Be Here
  • Upper Greenside
  • We Rock The Green
  • Prom-Berry
  • Break Through
  • O.P.I. Planks Alot.

I decided to do a Skittle Mani.



I basically painted each nail a different colour and then for the sake of uniformity I striped the Grey polish over. To finish it off I did a mish-mosh of dot looking flowers.

Im not going to lie, I am a bit rusty with a striper brush.

What do ya think?


Saturday Seeds #4

Hello Again :D,

So I am back after a short catch up break with a new addition to Saturday Seeds.

I am so unbelievably in love with Today’s inspiration & Nail Art. Its my Favorite one to date!



As you can see its filled with my Favorite Colours and it has some sweet little Zebra (Which reside on my lovely Continent of Africa). Have you ever seen a Wild Zebra before? They are just too precious!

I decided because this is such a pretty Picture, to pull my inspiration directly from the image and so I did a Zebra Print Mani… With a funky twist.


The Polishes I used today are as follows:

  • O.P.I. Steady As She Rose
  • O.P.I. Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • Tip Top Sherbet Angel
  • China Glaze Galactic Grey
  • SinfulColors Lavender
  • Essence Absolutely Blue

I decided to use a Holo Grey instead of a Creme Grey to do my stripes, I think that is why its come out so funky!


I painted a Base of O.P.I. Steady As She Rose and then sponged on the other colours in random places. I then used my liner brush and striped on the holo zebra stripes. To top it all off I did a top coat of Seche Vite and ta-dah!



Saturday Seeds #1

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

So today I have a super fun concept to share with you that I have been wanting to do for some time now.

Have you ever heard of Design Seeds? It’s this really cool website (with an exceptionally addictive Pinterest too) that does colour combo’s of pretty pictures. I am signed up to their mailing list and get 2 images every night.

I started playing with the idea of using them to challenge myself to do more nail art. I love colours, I have always loved anything colourful. As a child I used to get those art sets every Christmas, the ones with the pencils, paints, pastels, markers and crayons. I would tip them all out, arrange them by colour around me and draw for hours on end.

Ok so let me show you what I’m talking about…


So now you see what I am talking about.

My idea is to do one of these every Saturday and call it Saturday Seeds. I will then only use “tried polishes”. I figure doing that I will get to use colours that never see the light of day anymore. My plan is not to try copy the image but to be inspired by it while using the selected 6 polishes.

Let me show you which polishes I used to get the closest match to the Seeds:


I used:

  • Essence L.O.L.
  • Essence Little Miss Sunshine
  • Catrice For Bright Boys
  • O.P.I Planks A Lot
  • O.P.I Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • O.P.I Steady As She Rose
  • Born Pretty Store White Glitter

So here is what I did.


I have been playing with tape Mani’s lately so decided to apply that technique here using the selected colours and then added a top coat and sprinkled the glitter (which I also proceeded to mess EVERYWHERE!)

What do you think? Excited to see more of these? I challenge you to try this too! It’s so fun!


O.P.I Polishes

Hi everyone,

I have a very full post for you today 😀

I have another batch of Polishes I got for Xmas… Well 6 of them are presents and the other 2 were prizes from OPI South Africa. Only got them in Feb though, I couldnt wait until my long nails grew back so I swatched them on my medium length nails.

Steady As She Rose

Steady As She Rose

Out of all 8 polishes, Steady As She Rose is my favorite! Its from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection (2011). Its a soft Lavender with a nude twist. VERY appealing and I got so many compliments on the colour as well. I did 2 coats no Top Coat.

I Vant To Be A-Lone Star

I Vant To Be A-Lone Star

My mom bought me a Sparrow Midi Ring so I thought I might start adding it to my swatches… If I remember each time lol.

I Vant To Be A-Lone Star is from the Texas Collection (2011) and is stunningly soft blue with a beautiful shimmer.

It's Totally Fort Worth It

It’s Totally Fort Worth It

It’s Totally Fort Worth It is also from the Texas Collection (2011) and is a silver shimmer polish with pink glitter. I am not sure if I am totally a fan of this one yet.

Lucky Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lucky Lavender was one of the Nail Polishes I won as a prize from OPI a year ago… I swatched it back then but figured since I have improved and actually never wrote about it that I would just throw it in with this lot. Its from the Hong Kong Collection (2010). I personally find this polish to be pink rather than Lavender.

Planks A Lot

Planks A Lot

Planks A Lot is also from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection (2011). While googling this collection I noted that the entire collection, besides the silver crakle polish, is stunning! This polish is a darker than Steady as She Rose but a true Lavender comparison! Plus I am a purple girl all the way!

Kreme De La Kremlin

Kreme De La Kremlin

Kreme De La Kremlin is from the Russian Collection (2007) and is a dusty rose, I plan on doing a Comparison Post as it is very Similar to Revlon’s Colorstay 310 Vintage Rose & Essence 111 English Rose.

Chick Flick Cherry

Chick Flick Cherry

Is one of the rare Red Polishes I actually love! I always lean more to a Wine Red rather than a bright Red when Red Polish is concerned! Chick Flick Cherry is part of the OPI Classics Collection, I searched high and low to see other bloggers feelings on this polish and weirdly I couldn’t find a single post on it.

This is the other polish I won from OPI.

Excuse Moi!

Excuse Moi!

Excuse Moi! is from the Muppet’s Holiday Collection (2011) and for some reason people rave about it… Me personally, I don’t see what the big fuss is all about. Its pretty I will give you that but in my books its a pretty average glitter polish. Maybe if I top coated it I would feel differently. It has a multitude of various glitter but predominantly consists of of Silver and Pink glitters with smaller glitters in silver, gold, red, orange, green, pink and blue.

That’s almost all my Xmas prezzie polishes done. I have 6 more polishes coming in the following weeks.

All the Best


OPI Couture De Minnie

Good Evening everyone,

Did you love todays nail art?

I have a few swatches to show you today.

In 2013 I won an OPI Mini pack of the Couture De Minnie Collection on their Facebook Page.

These are the polishes that came in the box:

Magazine Cover Mouse

Magazine Cover Mouse

Magazine Cover Mouse is a Liquid Sand Polish, I am really starting to love textured polishes! But hate the removal process lol! Below are the rest of the swatches.

Chic from Ears to Tail

Chic from Ears to Tail

A Definite Moust-Have

A Definite Moust-Have

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow

My favorite one out of all 4 is “Chic From Ear to Tail” Im a big fan of soft pink polish!

What do you think of these beauties? Have you worked with any of the Couture De Minnie polishes?

There are so many more in the collection that are just so beautiful!

All The Best