31DC2014: Day 31-Recreation of Nail art by: Paulina’s Passions

Hello again 🙂

So here is the final post from the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.

Cannot believe I made it to the end (We will just pretend I am not a few days late hehe)

I was seriously questioning my sanity the last few days.


The challenge is tough, it really tests your creativity and skill.

Ok so we were supposed to honor nails we loved. I was inspired by Paulina’s Passions, this was actually the Nail Art she did for day 12 of the challenge.


I used a few pretties:

  • Essence “A Piece of Forever” from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Trend Edition.
  • Catrice “Gold Leaf” Top Coat
  • TOY Maaji “Maaji’s Ocean”
  • TOY Maaji “Candy Bay”
  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”

I also used Studs that I bought from Maskscara (A nail Supply store in Cape Town) and my striping tape from ebay.

So I really had fun doing this.

Day 31

I really like it 😀 but need to practice painting anchors.

Yipeee its over hehe, will do it all again next year for sure! Great test of skill & creativity.



31DC2014: Day 30-Inspired by “a tutorial”

Good evening lovelies,

So wow this week was crazy,it swallowed me whole.

I have the last 2 posts for the challenge tonight. I did them today.

chalkboard-nails-31-day-challenge-2014-just-peachyI was inspired by a Youtube Tutorial from cutepolish (see here)

I did have exactly the same colours as her so I used the closest ones in my neon collection that I could.



I used the following polishes:

  • TOY Maaji “Candy Bay”
  • Bourjois “Cerise Noire”
  • OPI “Steady As She Rose”
  • Catrice “For Bright Guys”
  • TOY Maaji “Maaji’s Ocean”

Its just a basic dotticure but I thought the colours looked so pretty together I just had to try it.

Day 30What do you think?





31DC2014: Day 29-Inspired by “the supernatural”

Are you ready to feel the spook?

I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do but then I decided on an idea that is rather spooky.




Being so close to October & Halloween I wanted to get practicing and so I decided to do a Haunted Graveyard Mani.

20140928_210957I tried to stick to a halloweeny colour palette.

I used:

  • Essence Colour & Go “Grey-T To Be Here”
  • Catrice “For Bright Guys”
  • Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 “Edwards Love”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Black is Back”

20140928_210908I painted the light grey base & then did a gradient using “Edwards Love” then I painted on the haunted details. Right down to the dark moon and looming mists.

What do you say? Are you ready for Halloween? I know I am, Im busy hunting down a new challenge to do (See last years on here)




Comparison Post #6

Happee Wednesday Lovelies,

I am really starting to love these posts, they are really fun. I get to dig through my stash and pull out all the polishes that look the same and then try them out. Its like a fun little treasure hunt!

Today I have Catrice “Lilactric” vs. Essence “Hello Marshmallow”.


The polishes are both of the light purple variety and look pretty identical in bottle form.

But on my nails there is a difference…


Catrice “Lilactric” has a yellow shimmer laced into the polish where as Essence “Hello Marshmallow” is full on creme.

“Lilactric” required 2 even coats, but also a steady hand because of the shimmer its prone to leaving stroke marks. “Hello Marshmallow” is also 2 coats but much easier to apply due to it being a creme polish (That’s why I love Creme polishes, they are not as finicky).

Dry time they are pretty much on par with each other.

Cost wise:

  • Catrice “Lilactric” retails for R44.95 at Dischem Stores or can be bought online fromKalahari.comSpree & Takealot.
  • Essence “Hello Marshmallow” retails for R22.95 and can be found at Clicks, Dischem & Kalahari.com

What do you think?



Catrice Denim Moore

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you had a lovely weekend, mine was jam packed with Family so today I have a short post for you.

Catrice Denim Moore is such a pretty “Blurple” polish.



I love blue nail polish! Its like my kryptonite of the polish world!

This polish required 2 light coats. The white shimmer is really prominent once the polish is applied, gives a very pretty shimmer.

What do you think?


Comparison Post #4

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

We are halfway to the weekend 😀 Yaaaay!

Today we are getting mellow with the Yellow’s… Ok that was lame… Sorry 😛

I will be comparing Catrice Earnie & Birdie against Tip Top Sunkissed.



In bottle form “Sunkissed” is much brighter than “Earnie & Birdie”


But on my nails they are identical. Both polishes have a white underlying shimmer but “Sunkissed” leans more to a gold and “Earnie & Birdie” leans more to silver. If that makes sense.

“Earnie & Birdie” required 3 coats and “Sunkissed” only 2.

They both dried at the same rate and had the same finish.

See the cost and locations to purchase the polish below:

  • Catrice “Earnie & Birdie” is R44.95 at Dischem Stores or can be bought online from Kalahari.com, Spree & Takealot.
  • Tip Top “Sunkissed” is R39.95 at Clicks Stores or can be bought online from Zando

What do you think?



Saturday Seeds #1

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

So today I have a super fun concept to share with you that I have been wanting to do for some time now.

Have you ever heard of Design Seeds? It’s this really cool website (with an exceptionally addictive Pinterest too) that does colour combo’s of pretty pictures. I am signed up to their mailing list and get 2 images every night.

I started playing with the idea of using them to challenge myself to do more nail art. I love colours, I have always loved anything colourful. As a child I used to get those art sets every Christmas, the ones with the pencils, paints, pastels, markers and crayons. I would tip them all out, arrange them by colour around me and draw for hours on end.

Ok so let me show you what I’m talking about…


So now you see what I am talking about.

My idea is to do one of these every Saturday and call it Saturday Seeds. I will then only use “tried polishes”. I figure doing that I will get to use colours that never see the light of day anymore. My plan is not to try copy the image but to be inspired by it while using the selected 6 polishes.

Let me show you which polishes I used to get the closest match to the Seeds:


I used:

  • Essence L.O.L.
  • Essence Little Miss Sunshine
  • Catrice For Bright Boys
  • O.P.I Planks A Lot
  • O.P.I Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • O.P.I Steady As She Rose
  • Born Pretty Store White Glitter

So here is what I did.


I have been playing with tape Mani’s lately so decided to apply that technique here using the selected colours and then added a top coat and sprinkled the glitter (which I also proceeded to mess EVERYWHERE!)

What do you think? Excited to see more of these? I challenge you to try this too! It’s so fun!