The Big Break

Hello my loves,

Its been a while since I posted… Last time was the last post of #31DC2014.

I honestly felt absolutely finished! And I took a few days after the challenge to try and regroup my brain but the only thing I could think of was that I just need some serious down time.

This year has been one roller coaster ride after the next. My personal life has had some crazy bumps along the way. And my work life has just been so amazing and successful and I have had to step up and take on some awesome responsibilities so that too has lead to my need for a break.

Blog Break

I have a few area’s of my life that need a bit of work and so I need to focus on that before my blog. It makes me super teary when I think about it though because I just LOVE blogging!

While I was busy with the challenge I was approached by a few companies to do reviews so obviously I will be doing them really soon.

I just thought that I would rather explain why I would be absent vs. just not returning.

I owe you more than what I have been giving, my posts have been so short and simple which isn’t great, so I plan to work on that.

I am not leaving forever, I will be back. I am just not sure when, most likely in the new year. I promise this though, you can keep up to date on my Instagram because I will continue to do nails, I just won’t be Blogging.

So the awesome product reviews to look forward to?

Well an awesome brand called Ice Box Colors sent me some polishes to review so those will be up this weekend. Then The Born Pretty Store sent me a bunch of goodies to play with and I still have a stunning Nail Candi Nail Jewel to show you.

So you can expect those to come up as well as a guest post or 2 😀

I am also opening my blog up to you, would you like to do a guest post?? You can email me at to inquire.



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