31DC2014: Day 15-Delicate Print

Hello my lovelies,

Today we are basically half way.


I have tried to do delicate prints free hand… It never comes out delicate, I’m too heavy handed. So naturally the only option I had was to stamp, and to stamp using my Bridal Collection Plate from MoYou London. Its covered in stunning delicate lace patterns (See day 3 & day 5 for more examples of stamping from this plate) I have also realised that I have hardly used any pink so far, so I decided to do some pink 😀



I have only recently got my hands on Sally Hansen polishes, My 2nd Mom Mandy bought me a couple. They actually stamp brilliantly!

I used:

  • Sally Hansen “Pink Punch”
  • Essence Colour & Go “Space Queen”
  • SinfulColors “Snow Me White”

I love the look of it, the white base makes the pink pop off my nails.


I added some of the Essence glitter over the top and tah-dah! I chose “Space Queen” because it is so light it wouldn’t get in the way but give a subtle sparkle.

What do you think?




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