31DC2014: What it’s about

Hello Lovelies,

I know what you are thinking… What a post on a Sunday??? Well yes indee-dee your eyes do not deceive you!

This post wont contain any nail art or nail polish BUT is a promise of loads and loads to follow 😀

Ok so who knows Chalkboard Nails? Every year Sarah, of Chalkboard Nails, hosts a Nail Art Challenge. Here is the kicker, its 31 days long! Yup you heard right, 31 days of Nail art. That means 31 days of continued and uninterrupted Nail Art heaven!

Every year since 2011?? (Cant actually remember) I would try my best to do it. I have made it as far as day 10 (I took the posts down out of pure shame).

Actually that is sort of a lie, I have finished a 31 day Nail art challenge BUT it was a compressed Challenge, all the prompts were the same only they were duo, so instead of 1 prompt it was two. You can see it here.

But this is it! This is the year I cross the finish line *cue “Eye of the Tiger” song.

This post here is my promise to you to complete the challenge.

During the next 31 days I wont be posting anything else but nail art for the challenge.

The Challenge starts tomorrow 1st, September and ends on the 31st of September.

You can see all the daily prompts for the challenge below:


If you would like to see what Sarah did last year take a look-see here.

I love challenges, because they are exactly that… A challenge. I have taken part in a few… See here & here (And the one linked above). I keep telling myself to do more but then I always seem to miss them.

Are you looking forward to seeing all the Nailart, you can follow me and many other bloggers on various Nail Art Platforms by following #31DC2014.



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