Saturday Seeds #6

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

You have no idea how happy I am its weekend!

I have had the busiest week at work, one night I only got home at 19:45pm… Yup but the cool part is I am travelling for work next week Monday, going to a convention. I am pretty excited lol!

So yes that explains my absence from the bloggie. I did have some time this past Monday night to get a quick bit of Nail art done for today. Its such an easy design today!



I found this image on Pinterest so that explains why its so small but anyhoo.

Lets see what colours I used for today’s seed.



I used:

(PS you can now see the swatches of each colour if you click on the links)

Because I had 5 colours I decided to paint each nail a different colour and then I used the Dry Brush technique (See here for a YouTube tutorial by Cute Polish)

20140727_185647Its literally super easy to accomplish, and really only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

This is actually my first time doing dry brush nail art and I really loved it!

What do you think?




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