Tip Top Haul

Hello Lovelies,

So every few months Clicks have a deal where you buy 3 Tip Top polishes and the cheapest is free. This lot is actually from the previous sale (like 4 months ago woops I know #badblogger). They have recently had another sale too but I missed it 😦

Purple Bow Peep

First one that caught my eye was “Purple Bow Peep”, is from the Playful Range.

Its a creamy rich purple polish that only needs 2 coats. I needed a purple this rich and beautiful. I have noticed my collection is filled with lighter shades so this one happily found a home.



“Get The Party Started” is from the Neon Range. Its a bright pink Neon, like really bright! Its a typical neon polish though, it requires 3 coats to reach opacity. I find this occurs with most neon polished I have used. It takes a few layers… But dont give up on it, they pop like crazy once you have all the layers on. (PS you can also do a white polish base for even more pop)


Lastly is “Hap-Pea” which just reminds me of that song… “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” or something like that lol.

Its a dusty mint polish that too is deliciously creamy! Required 2 coats and is from the Playful Range.

Tip Top polishes are 3 Free and Local to South Africa (Local is Lekker!) Yeeeah! Love supporting Local brands! And with one this good who wouldnt hehe!




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