Saturday Seeds #5

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

Its so rainy and miserable in Cape Town at the moment, if you are currently experiencing the joys of summer can I come live with you? I really dislike the cold.

Anyhoo so today I have a new seed post for you.



It’s sort of funny but I didn’t know that these are artichokes… Artichokes are food right? Not flowers? I was a bit shocked because they are beautiful! Lol I claim ignorance!

As you may have picked up I am a bit of a purple polish Luva! This just screamed “paint me”.

The Polishes I used are as follows ❤



As you can see Essence dominated this week, they really do have an amazing selection of polishes at an incredibly affordable price.

For the sake of my sanity I wont type Essence 5 times lol so today just the polish names:

  • Grey-T To Be Here
  • Upper Greenside
  • We Rock The Green
  • Prom-Berry
  • Break Through
  • O.P.I. Planks Alot.

I decided to do a Skittle Mani.



I basically painted each nail a different colour and then for the sake of uniformity I striped the Grey polish over. To finish it off I did a mish-mosh of dot looking flowers.

Im not going to lie, I am a bit rusty with a striper brush.

What do ya think?



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