I got the blues… The TOY Blues

Hello Lovelies,

So I have a blue polishes to show you today.

Blue is my favorite polish colour to buy, in my storage system I store my pinks and purples in 1 box, my reds, yellows, oranges, browns, nudes and glitters in another box and my blues have a whole box to themselves.

The polishes I am going to show you today were sent by TOY for review.

First I have Blueberry Moon from the Maaji Collection.



Its a stunning blurple polish that has a very cool almost matte finish. Blueberry Moon is from last seasons Maaji Collection.

It only required 1 coat but I am a 2 coat kinda gal.

Next is Azul Oscuro.

Azul Oscuro


Its what I assume to be a “Crelly” (Im not exactly up to speed on all the nail art lingo)… Ok so I have consulted with my Hobby Polish peers and have had confirmation that this is a “Crelly” Polish. For those of you (Like me) that are wondering what the heck is a crelly? Well its a polish that looks like a Jelly but is opaque like a creme. To be honest I still do not get it? But I could just be a bit doff!

Anyhoo so I personally am not a fan of Jelly or Crelly polishes. This polish required 3 coats and I still felt like it needed a 4th, but I draw the line at 3 coats! I love the colour.

Are you a “Crelly”/”Jelly” Fan?



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