China Glaze Sea Goddess Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Friday 😀 I hope you have a wonderful start to your weekend. My Family is here from Johannesburg & Scotland. I will be with them all weekend, but dont worry I have already got my posts done and scheduled for you so no waiting.

Anyhoo so today I give you a few swatches of the Sea Goddess Collection by China Glaze. I was really excited for this one because I have fallen head over heels in love with Textured polishes! I had 3 of the polishes on my wishlist, 2 of which I managed to purchase… I am still planning on getting the others too!

The collection boasts a number of varieties, they have these that I am showing you today that are more of a metallic polish and then they also have creme textured polish (See All Lacquered Ups post for full swatches here)

First up is “Wish On A Star Fish”



There is some serious Gold Fleck action in this beauty, its got crazy eye catching shimmers and bounces off light like a disco ball! I used 3 coats to achieve opacity, the formula of this polish is dream worthy. It glides so smoothly!



The texture is really great, it isn’t too rough.

Then I did “Tail Me Something”

Now this is a polish that has achieved Top 10 Fav in my books! Its the most beautiful China Glaze polish I own! I might be a bit bias because its purple and I have wanted a purple texture polish ever since the textures hit the shelf but I don’t care, it is just so damn B.E.A.utiful! (Said in Ace Ventura Voice)



I cant even begin to describe the feels in my little heart when I look at this little bottle of pure purple joy! Its so sparkly! This too required 3 coats to reach opacity.

And was just as effortless to apply as “Wish On A Star Fish”



I couldn’t get enough of these babies, I had to do just a little bit more so I did a rough Gradient. And by rough I mean I just dry brushed it on. I have no clue how all those talented Nail Bloggers managed to do a textured gradient with a sponge. I just cant get it to work for me.



Because I dry brushed the purple over the pink I ended up with a really thick layer of polish on the ends on my nails so I had to sit still for like an hour to ensure it was completely dry.

I was pretty chuffed but I think I should try work out how to do a textured sponge gradient instead. Anyone know of a good Tutorial?



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