Comparison Post #5

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

I give you the 5th Installment to my Comparison Post adventures and today I will be comparing 2 dusty rose polishes. We will look at Revlon’s “Vintage Rose” & Essence “English Rose”



“Vintage Rose” is much darker than “English Rose” yet they both have that stunning dusty rose colour.

Revlon vintage rose vs essence english rose

(Please excuse the massive amount of shimmer on my palms, I had just applied an illuminater to my face and it got everywhere)

Both polishes required 2 coats to reach opacity and both dried fairly quickly.

“Vintage Rose” is more on the red side whereas “English Rose” is on the pink side.

They cost:

  • Revlon “Vintage Rose” is R99.00 and can be found at Clicks & Dischem Stores
  • Essence “English Rose” is R22.95 and can be found at Clicks, Dischem &





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