TOY Maaji New Collection #maajimagic2014

Happy Friday Lovelies,

This post is going to be jam packed with pretties!

So remember a while back I got to go do nail art for a runway show using TOY products… Well I must have really impressed them because they contacted me again to do another event, only this time it was to create fun Nail Art designs for the Launch of the new Maaji Nail Polish & Swimwear collections

Let’s give you some background in case you missed my last Maaji polish post. Maaji is a swimwear line from Columbia (just like TOY). Maaji & TOY teamed up to create 5 polishes with every new collection of swimsuits.

The colours of the new collection are absolutely stunning.

TOY sent me the collection to play with and to come up with striking Nail Art.


Here are the swatches of the 5 new polishes:

First up is TOY Maaji Minty Sparrow.

I am in love with this mint polish! It’s possibly the closest to a “True Mint” I have ever seen. I would like to dub this polish a “1 coat wonder”. This polish is so creamy and full of pigment it literally looked great with only 1 coat! I really didn’t have any issues with this polish at all, it dried super-fast and was exceptionally shiny.


For this swatch I did 2 coats and no top coat.

Then I tried TOY Maaji Marine Fairwater.

Outside of the nail polish world this is my favourite colour of all time! I love this colour in polish too but let’s be honest who can really choose 1 favourite nail polish colour? I know I can’t hehe.


This polish was yet another “1 coat wonder” pigment packed and oh so creamy! For this swatch I did 2 coats, only because its habitJ, and no top coat.

Next was TOY Maaji Sandy Oasis.

One cannot simply have enough nude nail polish! Although this is true for every polish, it is definitely even truer for nude polishes! I don’t know about anyone else but I think nude polish is to the polish world what the LBD (little black dress) is to the fashion world, an absolute must have! It goes with every occasion!


This polish, as with almost all the polishes in this collection, is also a 1 coat wonder. Alas I still did 2 coats with no top coat.

The 4th swatch of the collection is TOY Maaji Candy Bay.

This polish is the pop of tropical colour you need on a sad winters day… plus it looks killer stunning on your toes.

This was the only polish that needed 2 coats. The first coat I found to be a bit streaky but the second one smoothed it out and made it perfect.


I love the fact that the collection contained a nude and a neon, those two always look great together.

The final swatch of the day is TOY Maaji Burgundy Waves.

Out of the entire collection this is my all-time favourite one! The colour is so rich and warm. I have been wearing this on my nails for the last 4 days! I actually think this is a great one for our winter season!

My matric dance dress was this colour and so were my curtains in high schools. #randomfact

Anyway so here is the swatch


See it’s stunning!

This polish has actually caused a little dilemma in my life… I now want clothes in this colour! Specifically a big chunky woolly jersey.

So this polish was also a “1 coat wonder”

What do you think of this collection? I really really love it!

I was invited to attend the event but didn’t end up going because I came down with flu. I did however stalk the # Tag #MaajiMagic2014 and it looks like the guests had a blast. Take a look at the #MaajiMagic2014 on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see all the fun.

Who wants to see the nail art?


These are the nails I created for the event using the colours from the collection. The aim was just to create a fun feature nail and so thats what I did.

My favorites are the top 2 left ones.

I am a bit sad that I didn’t get a chance to do these on myself as I was so busy prepping the falsies for the Nail Art Menu’s. But I do plan to show you so keep an eye out for a bonus post this Sunday 😀


The menu’s came out super cute thanks to Sigal (TOY SA Head Honcho) and her awesome idea. The guests at the event used these to choose the feature nail they wanted to wear.

Sigal gave me some feedback on the event saying that all the ladies love the Nail Art #blushface. I feel really honored to have had my work put up for all the Media world to see.



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