Me & My Ice-Cream Trend Edition

Hello Lovelies,

Today is my first post featuring the new blog design and layout, how exciting!

I have been waiting for this collection since I saw it launched in Europe. I was lucky enough to see, touch and feel it back in September at a Cosmetix event and that filled me with even more anticipation to have it.

I pestered Cosmetix/Essence South Africa endlessly to find out when it would be launched. It was finally launched in April but only at selected Clicks stores. Sadly by the time I got there the displays were cleaned out! I managed to buy 3 polishes from the collection by visiting various stores but that was it. I was utterly heart broken. This was the one I had been waiting so long for.

Then Essence had a giveaway on their Facebook page to win a few things from the collection and I won it! I was so filled with joy, I think the universe knew how badly I wanted this collection.

20140425_130544 copy


I got a lot more than I thought I would, I am so grateful for it too because Essence helped me to complete the collection of polishes, they sent the exact one I didn’t have.

So to start off I am going to do something a bit different. I will do makeup swatches 😀 I know right! Finally! I do not quiet have the confidence to put up a shot of me actually wearing the makeup yet but I can show you what it would look like on fair skin with a pink undertone.

First up is the “Always in my Mint” baked Eye shadow.


This eye shadow is mint sparkle marbled with a peach shimmer, it can be applied wet or dry but I prefer to keep it dry. It has a beautiful radiance. I use it to highlight my eyes.


Next up is the “I-CY U” Shimmer pearls. It’s filled with yellow, orange pink and mint pearls.


They are great to give that finishing glow to your makeup look or body.

I decided to swatch each colour pearl, if you have patience imagine a shimmer rainbow on your face.


I also received the Lip balm “Cosnova” and the Hand wipes “I scream for ice cream”


The lips balm is so pretty with its pink & blue swirls. It smells like those ice snap things you put in your freezer and when they are ready you snap them in half and enjoy.

The Hand wipes smell like Neapolitan ice cream. I was a little disappointed at how small the wipes are, it would have been great if they were a bit bigger. Also they don’t add any moisture to your hands so I found I would wipe my hands and then need to moisturise afterwards.

I also got some Nail Stickers, “Rainbow Sprinkles” that look like hundreds and thousands on your nails.

Rainbow Sprinkles

These really annoyed me. I put them on my nails and immediately after the image was taken, I took them off. They are just like Caviar nails only these balls fell off quicker. I am not a fan of having extras on my nails unless they are stuck down and only come off when I decide so. Also the removal process was a little scary, I felt like I was ripping my nails off. This was the only product from the whole collection that I wasn’t happy with.

The last item I received in my prize was “Icylicious”. It’s the polish I chose when I got my Mani done at the event last year. It is also my fav out of all the polishes from this collection. So I was really happy when they sent me a bottle as it was the only one I didn’t have.


This polish is a soft peach pastel with a white shimmer, it also has a sweet fragrance to it. I painted 3 coats as it was slightly difficult to make even.

All the polishes are painted 3 coats no top coat.

The next 3 polishes I bought and were not part of the prize from Essence.

First is “Ben & Cherries” <- such a cute name! It’s a pastel pink with white shimmer.

Ben & Cherries

Then “Ice, Ice Baby”, it’s a purple pastel with white shimmer.

Ice, Ice Baby

And lastly “Always in my Mint”, it’s a mint pastel polish with white shimmer.

Always in Mint

As you can see the polish is a bit streaky. To me, I think the polish application would have been much smoother but the bristles of the brush were very coarse.

This isn’t the entire collection, there were 2 more eye shadows and 2 other lip balms as well as a cream blush but those were all sold out.




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