Sally Hansen Swatches

Good Morning,

So these are my first ever Sally Hansen Polishes, I got them as a birthday prezzie from my Mom & Dad in Scotland.

Today its all about Pink.


Pink Punch


Raspberry rave


Pretty In Hot Pink

Everything about this brand is new to me, like the bottle, the brush & the formula. I personally find the brush to be a bit thick for my nails but the formula is pretty great! You get an even smooth finish each time. I found the drying time took a bit longer than usual but other than that I am officially a Sally Hansen fan.

All 3 polishes have a creme finish and only required 2 coats.


On a side note:

Starting from Sunday afternoonish the blog will have a whole new look 😀 and first thing monday a regular post schedule 


All the Best



2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Swatches

  1. I have always seen them in store but never felt inclined to pick one up, my step mom bought these for my and I actually really liked them so I ordered a few duochrome looking ones from rubybox to see if they are nice too.

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