Art Deco Liner- Swatches

Hello again 😀

I have had my art deco Liners for ever now, as I have needed them on Nail Art I have done quick swatches of them over base colours.

These are the last few swatches of them.

NA910 Sky Blue

NA910 Sky Blue

I love this blue over anything! It just works so well with most colours!

NA926 Hi-Lite

NA926 Hi-Lite

I really struggled with this yellow one, it is great when mixed into a mish mosh of nail art but it disappears over most base colours, I tried to swatch it far to many times. Finally I tried it over this Blue and it popped. To be honest this is most definitely not my favorite combo!

NA925- Limon

NA925- Limon

And Lastly the lime green liner. Its more “lumo”/neon than this image gives it credit for. But alas sometimes a camera just will not work with you.

Do you use nail art liners? Whats your favorite brand?


All The Best



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