A Sad Polish Post

Hi Everyone,

This post is a bit of a sad one for me.

Back in Feb my granny passed away, she was a massive part of my life. My parents live oversea’s so its always been just me, my brother & my gran.

Whenever I was sick, she would take me to the doctor and make sure I was ok. She also had a knack for bargain hunting and we would shop for hours and spend under R500.00. And Sundays were our days for lunches or shopping.

My Granny was my best friend!

As with any death in a Family, possessions need to be divided among the Family. When my Mom asked me if there was anything I would like, I asked for the Nail Polish. She didn’t have a huge collection just I few from me that have already been featured on the blog and these below.


Island Coral

My gran LOVED Coral nail polish, and even nicked a few of mine when I would go paint her nails. So for her birthday I bought her Sinful Colours “Island Coral”. Sadly she never go to use it as she passed away a few days later.

But she loved it! As did I.

Its a wonderful polish, its more on the Pink side of Coral than the Orange, so basically very similar to a Salmon Shade. I used 2 coats, no top coat.


Miss Marilyn

Miss Marilyn is made by Woolworths South Africa. Its from their “W Paint” Range.

I had no idea they even had polish so as soon as I got this one I went to see the others in-store. I have yet to buy any but they are really affordable and have a nice variety of colours.

This polish, as with any Red polish, is not my favorite. This was further fueled by the very runny formula. But in its defense I think its supposed to be a Jelly polish… although I am not too sure about that either.

I cant guarantee that my gran didn’t thin it out herself so I will have to reserve my judgments until I have tried a brand new one.

I had a 3rd one but I couldn’t find a name for it anywhere on the internet. So once I have finally found its name I will blog about that one too.


Have you ever been handed down or inherited a bottle of polish?

All The Best



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