Catrice Swatches

Happy Monday 😀

I need some sunshine in my life right now, thought I would share some of it with you.

C02 For Bright Guys

C02 For Bright Guys

For Bright Guys is from Catrice’s Limited Edition NEONaturals range and its bright Orange caught my eye immediately! I didnt have anything like this in my collection so I just had to have it. The collection consisted of 6 bright polishes & 6 Natural (Nude) Polishes.

This polish was a dream to apply!


05 Earnie & Birdie

05 Earnie & Birdie

Earnie & Birdie was gifted to me at an event hosted by Cosmetix last year September. This beaut of a yellow has a soft white shimmer that isn’t very evident in this image but is stunning in real life.


Gold Leaf Top Coat

Gold Leaf Top Coat

Everyone has that 1 glitter on their wish list that takes a while to find. For me it was this one, I had chunky gold glitter on my wishlist for ages and then one day as I was doing my usual browse of every polish rack in the mall I found this pretty mash up of chunky & fine gold glitter.

What polish is on your wishlist but you have had trouble finding?

All the Best



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