Catrice Crushed Crystals

Happy Mean Girls Day,

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls the Movie, Its like my Favorite movie EVER! This means for sure I am getting old #meep



I find it pretty cool that the anniversary falls on a Wednesday and makes this post oh so appropriate hehe.

Today I give you Catrice Crushed Crystals in “Call Me Princess”


Call Me Princess

Call Me Princess

This was the only Crushed Crystals polish on the shelf, they sold out like hot cakes and so I had to get it before I missed out.

I fell in love with the subtle gold undertone to this pink texture polish.

Its slightly translucent so I did 3 coats but my nails still shine through slightly, no biggie though.

Hope you have a lovely day ๐Ÿ˜€
All The Best



8 thoughts on “Catrice Crushed Crystals

  1. I also picked this one up but it was my least favourite of them all (also the most sheer) which really surprised me because it is pink O_O But I think it the gold. Mine looks MUCH more gold on me than yours does on you.

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