Morgan Taylor- Under The Stars

Happy Monday,

Last month I went for a facial and at the salon they had a Morgan Taylor stand with all the beautiful polishes on. I stood there and perved over them for a while but was too nervous to ask how much just in case it was out of my budget and then I would have to leave looking like a fool (I’m weird like that). So I googled it and it turned out that Rubybox sells them online which was great because I have had a few ruby rands burning a hole in my online pocket hehe. At R109.95 (plus shipping) it does sort of fall out of my budget, I personally think “wow that much for only 1 bottle is a bit crazy” and it is to be honest, but you get a great quality product so that helps justify the splurge.

So I placed an order for Under The Stars.

Its a great polish, easy to apply & the glitter spreads out evenly. It required 3 coats as the base colour is pretty translucent. Also try double up on a base coat as I has 1 coat and experienced a small amount of staining.

Other then that I give this polish a thumbs up and there are a few that are now on my wishlist too.

Under The Stars Flash on

\ Under The Stars

Look at how pretty the glitter is…

Bottle Close Up

Bottle Close Up

Because of this close up I was inspired to do a Galaxy Mani. And if you remember I did one last year too but I seemed to have improved which means practice does pay off!

Galaxy Mani

Galaxy Mani

Here is a tip: The stars & dots on my mani were done using a milky pen (aka Gel Pen). You can use almost any gel pen as long as you let it set for 2 minutes before doing a top coat! If you don’t top coat it will just rub off after some time.

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