Arrg its a Pirate Skittle Mani

Ah-hoy Maties :p

Lol ok that greeting was lame but it seemed fitting!

So a few weekends ago I was bored out of my mind! I decided to do some nail art… I hit a creative block and probably whined for about 20 minutes before my loving boyfriend came to the rescue (I sense he was probably getting annoyed with the whining). He was playing Assassins Creed: Black Flag, (for those who have no idea, its a Pirate themed one… I had no idea either lol), he suggested I do I Pirate Mani in honor of his game. So I obliged.





My Treasure chest nail is my fav, all the other fingers were pretty simple but for my treasure chest I got to play with all my jewels, glitters and gold balls that I have not used in forever! The gold balls took the longest as I wanted to make them look like chains.

Have you ever done a mani in honor of your partner? Or just put on their favorite colour?

He said he was very proud of me hehe and that I did a good job.

With this hobby his support means everything! Especially with 4 big boxes of Nail Polish taking up space in our room 😀

All The Best



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