Essence Beauty Beats Swatches & a little Glitter

Morning Lovelies,

Today I have the Beiber Trend edition to show you. Its the last of the Xmas polishes from my mom.

This statement might land me in hot water with a few of you lovelies but here it goes…

I’m not a big fan of the Biebs, he has a few songs I enjoy but that’s about it really. Regardless of my personal feelings towards him my love of Polish overcame that and I got these.

01 Baby Baby Ooh

01 Baby Baby Ooh

This is my favorite from this collection, but then again when is a purple never my fav 😀

02 Im Backstage

02 Im Backstage

And in second is this pretty baby blue polish.

03 As Long As You Love Me

03 As Long As You Love Me

So far I am loving all the polishes in this collection, I love this Grey its very pretty. It falls right in the middle of the other Grey Polishes I own.

04 Groupie At Heart

04 Groupie At Heart

This is my least favorite polish from the collection. Its just another pink polish. I wish they did something more with it, like maybe add some black glitter or something! I had to add my own glitter to it to spice it up.

Black Dress White Tie

Black Dress White Tie

I actually squealed when I saw this on the Shelf! I have wanted a Black & white glitter for some time now! Its very new to the Essence Collection and is called Black Dress and White Tie. Its filled with various sized black & White Hex Glitter and a few smaller silver specks.

I am in love with it!

What do you think?

All the Best





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