Inglot and Minion Mani

Good Day to you πŸ˜€

I hope you are well and having fabulous winters/springs/summers (Select applicable season hehe) Mine is heading for Winter… Seems as though there is no Autumn this year, its just cold and miserable outside 😦

But to ensure a happy me in my least favorite Season, I will be doing Loads of Nail Art and blogging. After All you wont catch me outside in the elements… Unless its to go stock up on polish.

Today I have an Oldie for you, My second ever Inglot polish. Its about 3 years old. I thought I would reswatch it and give it a fun kiddy twist.


Inglot 969

Inglot 969

I cant tell if this is actually 969 or 696… I have even googled but this is the only colour that comes up for both.

Its got a stunning white shimmer and a very very long lifespan. Its formula is fantastic seeing as its 3 years old you would think it would get sticky & thick. Nope its exactly the same as the day I bought it! #chuffed

I then decided to play with some of the goodies my mom bought me for Xmas from Hail The Nails Store.

I am the biggest fan of Minions & the Despicable Me Franchise. So I thought it would be fitting to add them to my Mani.

Minions & Studs by Hail The Nails

Minions & Studs by Hail The Nails

I personally found the Water Decals pretty easy to use, I dropped one of the decals in the water and it took me about a minute to fish it out and that is about the extent of my issue with the product. The decals are not thick and I only had 1 bubble. So I was satisfied.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm & Love Minions

I <3 Minions

I ❀ Minions

All The Best




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