Essence Colour & Go 145 Flashy Pumpkin

Good Morning,

Today I have flashy pumpkin to show you. Sadly it’s swatched on my nubs instead of my long nails that broke last week.

It’s a bright orange creme polish that required 3 coats. For some reason it just looked streaky with 2 coats so I had to add a 3rd to make sure it looked right.

145 Flashy Pumpkin

145 Flashy Pumpkin

It’s a pretty in your face colour so it’s going into my “only for nail art pile”.

Sadly looking at it this morning there are bumps and bubbles all over my freshly swatched nails. I hate when a polish does that!



(Please excuse the smudged bits but you can see the evidence of the bumps on my pinky and thumb)

It must be a formula issue.
Anyone ever have problems with bumps or bubbles in your polish?

What are your solutions to these problems?

All the best


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