Essence Colour & Go 117 I’m So Very

Hi Lovilies,

So my post is a bit late today, at about 10 pm last night I realized I hadn’t swatched this polish and somehow it wasn’t in my swatch box where all my unswatched beauties live until they have been swatched.

I hunted it down and must had put it in the wrong box at some point.

I then proceeded to swatch it and attempt to take a good photo… I had one of those nights where my stupid Camera was making the colour different. I could see clear as day that the polish is a dark burnt Orange but my camera insisted it was bright Red… Crisis averted I used my Cellphone to get a better more accurate image.

117 I'm So Very

117 I’m So Very

117 I'm So Very

117 I’m So Very

These are the images my phone and they capture the accurate colour…accurately!

The only thing I dont like is the shape of the picture, its not my usual dimensions but beggers cant be choosers!

All the Best




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