Bundle Monster Nail Wraps… Continued

Hello dear followers,

Today I have the rest of the Bundle Monster Tribal foils for you to drool over.

Previously I had only posted about the on set, see here.

I tried to get better at it but some foils just seem to have a mind of their own.

2013 111

These reminded me of snake skin, they felt pretty cool and look fantastic.

2013 114

2013 117

2013 119

I have cursed pinkies, by that I mean they are tiny and the smallest size foil does not fit! I was too much of a chicken to start cutting them to size out of fear that I would ruin  them. On top of that I seemed to be unable to make them not crinkle, some didn’t but others just would not fit right!

All in all I love the concept, not a fan of application.

As for lifespan… They irritated the hell out me, they just felt foreign to me and i played with them until the tips came lose then just peeled them off. #fail

What is your opinion?

All The Best



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