Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Hello there dear followers,

Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a wonderful Festive Season.

I had an extremely relaxing break over the New Year, so relaxing in fact I didn’t manage to blog once! Feel a little bad because I was mid Challenge when I stopped blogging. But the break was needed.

I am still feeling a little uninspired but I think now that I am back at work I can get back to a routine and get busy painting again!

I still plan on finishing the #XMASwithFLP challenge (only 2 mani’s to go) just need to get them done!

I have a feeling I will be back to normal in a few days.

I have a few idea’s for the blog this year but need to sit and come up with an action plan.

In the mean time here are a few nail art pics done in 2013 that didn’t get post time. Also I have reviewed all my Nail Art for 2013 and picked my all time favorite mani.

Nail Art 2 065

Bold Flowers

Glitter Borders

Glitter Borders

Pink & Blue Stripes

Pink & Blue Stripes

Just some Glitter

Just some Glitter

Hunger Games Mani

Hunger Games Mani

And my fav mani of 2013…

Gift Wrap Mani from the Xmas Challenge

Gift Wrap Mani from the Xmas Challenge

I have some new goals for 2014…

  • Finish posting Essence Swatch Posts
  • Do way more Nail Art
  • Become more regular with posts
  • Collect LOADS more polish
  • Do more giveaways
  • Blog Makeover!

So with that I love and leave you for today.

All The Best



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