Christmas Tag

cHRISTMAS tAGHi everyone,

Gearing up for Christmas, we are getting closer and closer.

Here is a tag I found over at Madness Nails. So I decided to join in.

 Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic?

We have a Synthetic Tree at home that is the size of a real one and it looks real too. I have also had the pleasure of having a real one when I was overseas and it smelt amazing but it dies and that is sad. I think I am pro Synthetic because the real ones should stay in the ground where they belong.


You’re in a coffee shop, it is December what do you pick?

I love Cappuccino’s but a spiced chai is also to die for!


What is your favourite colour scheme to decorate the tree?

If I could I would go for a vintage theme, using aged looking decorations I would. But this year we have gone blue & silver.

Giving or receiving?

Um I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like receiving gifts. But I actually love giving gifts too. If I had unlimited funds I would have a ball! I am a self-proclaimed expert gift wrapper.


To mince pie or not to?

Will only eat it if its home-made and has a large helping of cream.


Christmas Day fashion?

Swimwear all day. Christmas is spent pool side! (We have a summer Christmas, it gets killer hot!)


Favourite Christmas song?

OMW I actually cannot stand Xmas music, but that is mainly due to the fact that it’s over played in shopping malls.


Favourite Christmas film?

Tim Burtons Nightmare before Christmas… I Love Jack ❤


Presents before or after lunch?

Always before!


What are your favourite holiday treats?*



Favourite holiday crafts?*

Don’t usually craft. But would love to start baking xmas cookies.

When do you celebrate Christmas?*

On the 25th, we open gifts in the morning and lunch midday and drinks all night long.


What do you usually eat for Christmas dinner?*

We do lunch and it starts off with prawn cocktail as a starter then roast Gammon, Chicken and Pork with all the roasted sides like potato’s and loads of Gravy. Then there is usually 2 or 3 desserts. This year I want to make a Cheesecake


What are some of your favourite Christmas memories?

The last Christmas I spent with my granddad is probably the most memorable. My dad lives overseas so that year (2008) we all went to Jozi to be with my grandparents and it was spent laughing and having fun by the pool.

Also my many White Christmas’s  in the UK with my Parents.

And my first Christmas with my Boyfriend and his Family.

To be honest any Christmas I get to spend with my loved ones is the best!

And now for some memories frozen in Time.

Christmas as a Child

Christmas as a Child

Christmas at Jozi Zoo

Christmas at Jozi Zoo

Our First Christmas, busy decorating the Tree.

Our First Christmas, busy decorating the Tree.

Snow Fights

Snow Fights

A White Christmas

A White Christmas

Santa spoiling me

Santa spoiling me

Probably checking to see if I was good

Probably checking to see if I was good


So thats it from me 🙂




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