Nail Polish Humor

Morning everyone.

Last night my man and I were discussing what our home would look like some day. I insisted the only thing I cared for would be my very own room for all my polishes. He quickly quipped back and said it was impossible to own enough nail polish to fill a room.

downloadI then went on to mention how easy I have made it for him when it comes to spoiling me because I would be happy with Nail Polish as a gift for every occasion. He said he would not buy me any nail polish because I have enough! *waits for the gasps of horror!

This was my immediate reaction and exact quote back to him (even made the meme)


Hehe I thought I was absolutely hilerious, he did not…

Do you have a funny nail polish/nail art story? Please share… I love hearing what other people think of our addiction.


All the Best





7 thoughts on “Nail Polish Humor

  1. Haha, so true, never enough polish! My stash is slowly growing, but it annoys me to hear stuff like – how many greens do you need?
    – Oh My God mister, these 4 are COMPLETELY different, one’s like mossy, the other one is more of a lime green, oh SHUT UP.
    ; )

  2. My husband is planning on building me a shelving storage unit for all my polishes, so he asked me if I was done buying. He was like, cause you have all the colors ever right? I laughed in his face…

  3. I don’t have a THAT funny story. I have a wtf story.
    I wanted to buy a specific pink and G was like why, you have 11 pinks, they’re all the same and I was like WHAT! THEY’RE NOT REMOTELY THE SAME. He doesn’t get it lol

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