Christmas Challenge: Christmas Food

Possibly one of the more difficult themes today… I wanted to do something completely original for this one so I googled my idea and didn’t find anything. Score 🙂

My all time favorite thing to have during the festive season… Honey glazed gammon!

Its the best thing ever! Ooooh and drowning it in dijon mustard… yes please! Ok seriously my mouth is watering like crazy.

Besides being a nail art addict I am quite the foodie. I love food… good food.

Ok anyway here is my honey glazed gammon mani dripping in mustard.


Honey Glazed Gammon with Mustard Mani

For this mani I used all Essence products.
I tried really hard to match my polish to the sticky goodness that the glazed gammon has and Essence Colour & Go 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling was the perfect match. Then every gammon gets scored so I used 120 Cookie Love to draw on those lines and ofcourse 118 Little Miss Sunrise for the Mustard.


Ooh yes and the Nail art tattoo pen to do the black decorations.  We dont put those on our Xmas gammon but they have them in every pinterest pic out there!

What is your traditional festive meal?

All the best.

Ps sorry the post is weird today. Posted it from my phone because the internet is down. 😦


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