Pink Hexigon-Glitter Mani

A while back I bought hexagon glitter from The Born Pretty Store and I have tried it out once or twice but decided to add it to my frequently used goodies because it really is a beautiful addition to any nail!

Glitter Borders

Glitter Borders

I have said this before but it really is so relaxing adding the glitter one piece at a time. You get lost in only concentrating on your nails and when you look again anything that was consuming your brain space has been cleared out and you are left rested… and have pretty nails.

For this Mani I used:

Essence Colour & Go 106 Free Hugs (2 Coats), 105 Party Princess (1 Coat) and 101 Absolute Pure (To apply Glitter). And of course the Silver Hexagon Glitter.

Goodies used

Goodies used

What do you think?

All The Best




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