Catrice 30 Lilactric & Movember Mani

30 Lilactric

30 Lilactric

Hello and happy Monday everyone.

Above is a swatch of Catrice 30 Lilactric, I used it to do a Movember (Hand Painted) Mani.

It consists of 2 coats and the polish is absolutely Fab! Its got such a smooth finish and I just love the Yellow shimmer it gives off! I think I just found a new fav brand šŸ™‚

Show The "MO"

Show The “MO”

I really loved this Mani and kept it on for a whole week and a half hehe. I used my Black Cina Pen to do all the details.

Sad misfortune… Look what happened when I tried to open my bottle… it snapped inside.



So it doesn’t seal anymore šŸ˜¦ Will just need to find a lid that will fit the bottle.

***Added after the fact: Cosmetix, the owner of the Catrice Brand saw this post about the broken bottle and contacted me immediately to replace the bottle. They are aware that there was a production error with a batch of lids so if this happens to you, feel free to contact them for help.

All The Best



4 thoughts on “Catrice 30 Lilactric & Movember Mani

  1. That snapped lid is a known problem with the latest Catrice polishes. None of mine have, but I’ve heard of numerous others that have had the same break. You might see if the store will give you a refund or a new cap?

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