Essence Twins Reloaded- Romeo & Julia

Hello there,

A while back I had the pleasure of attending a event where I got to choose some lovely products. Here is a post on some of what I chose.

Essence has a range called Twins Reloaded and there are a few polishes all named after famous movie couples. Today I have for you… Romeo & Julia.

Romeo & Julia

Romeo & Julia

The couples are arranged by Base coat & Matching Glitter topper.

02 Romeo

02 Romeo

Above is Romeo, its a luscious deep purple base colour.

02 Julia

02 Julia

Next comes Julia the purple glitter topper.

I really loved these two polishes but decided to give them a little edge…

Stud Up

Stud Up

Stud Up

Stud Up

By adding some studs. I bought the studs from BPS.

Have you ever used Studs? Add your links in the comments.

All The Best



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