Halloween Challenge- Gothic



Having a Gamer Bf is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse! Its a blessing when he is playing his games and not interfering and you get hours to sit and play with your polishes. Its a Curse when you have posts to do and he has been playing for hours on the only PC available and you miss out on 2 challenge post days.


So the Challenge is Gothic and boy was it a challenge! I googled and looked up every possible polish related post to get inspired. Eventually I gave up and just winged it…

Gothic Mani

Gothic Mani

I was really impressed with the end result! I used a few different polishes.

For the Base, Essence Colour & Go 144 Black Is Back, L.A. Colors Art Deco Liner in NA914 Red, Models Own Silver Nail Art Pen, Tip Top- Sexy In The City Sprinkle Beads and Tip Top Nail Chic in Matt-Nificent (Ring Finger only).

I hand drew the Rose on my finger and was mighty chuffed when my friend asked me is it was a sticker hehe.


So That’s my Gothic Nails.

What do you think?

All The Best




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