Halloween Challenge- Scary Movies


I am not the worlds biggest fan of Scary Movies! I will watch them but to be honest they scare me senseless! Anyway the other day my man and I watched “Maniac”, the new one with Elijah Wood. And it was a pretty slow but extra creepy movie! It made me want to shave my hair off… But no spoilers go watch it!

downloadSo this is the Scary movie I picked to use for my First Mani 🙂



I even went as far as changing my watermark to be all bloody.

While doing this I had a little giggle about the word I painted on my nails… I ran out of space as you can see but I thought it was pretty funny that my thumb says “Mani”.

For this I used only 3 colours, Essence Colour & Go 142 Grey-T To Be Here, LA Colors Art Deco Liner in NA914 Red and my Black Cina Pen.

What do you think of this bloody mani? Scary enough lol.

Go check out what Lekker Laquer did 🙂

All The Best



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