MTV Nail Challenge 10. Watermarble & Gradient

mtv-challengeIt is finally here, the last day of the #MTVnailChallenge… 

I have had so much fun with this challenge and getting to see all the wonderful interpretations from all the ladies involved!

Todays final challenge was somewhat scary to me! I have never ever been a fan of water marbling and pretty much have failed at it many times!

But this time I was pleasantly surprised by how well it actually turned out. For a change I used my Tip Top polishes to do the water marble and it was as easy as pie (Never understood that saying, Pie is not that easy hehe)

So for my interpretation of the challenge I used the following polishes:

Polishes Used

Polishes Used

Tip Top Nail Addict in 137 Army Vibes

and Tip Top Nail Chic in 991 Blue My Whistle, 966 Blue Meets Green and 974 In The Navy!

I started with the water marble first before doing my Gradient.

My Watermarble

My Water marble

See how beautifully the Tip Top polishes spread.

I ran out of sponges so I had to rethink how I was going to do the Gradient. I ended up going with a dotted gradient.

10. Water marble & Gradient

10. Water marble & Gradient

I actually love this mani to death! I am going to say it is my favorite out of all the ones done in this challenge. I am really glad that I can end off on such a high note.

This has in fact changed my opinion about the water marble technique completely! I am in love lol.

For the last and final time go take a look at the other ladies involved in the challenge:

For The Love of Nail Art 

Ordinary Misfit

What did you think of the challenge? Will you be joining the next one?

All The Best





8 thoughts on “MTV Nail Challenge 10. Watermarble & Gradient

  1. Wow gorgeous colour scheme and it came out beautifully!! love it!

    Thanks for joining in this challenge. It was great having you along for the ride and I loved seeing how you interpreted each topic! xx

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