MTV Nail Challenge 6. Violet & Tribal


Today’s challenge is number 6 on the list. It is required that we use Violet polishes & incorporate Tribal print.

So here is my take on it.

My print is more to the African Tribal side because we live in Africa.

I was really happy with this BUT I could not get my hand steady! It was driving me crazy. When working with nail art like this I find it much easier to use Nail Art pens! I even went as far as going to Maskscara to buy myself a black Cina Pen but they didn’t have any stock *weeps silently! I placed an order for one though so hopefully I will get it soon 😀

Anyway back to the challenge.

I used the following polishes for my Tribal Mani:

Polishes Used

Polishes Used

L.A. Colors Art Deco Liner in NA948 Vibrant & NA922 Magenta

Essence Colour & Go in 133 Oh My Glitter & 148 Prom-Berry

And lastly my most prized polish… My Silver Models Own Nail Art Pen

It all came together to look like this

Violet & Tribal

Violet & Tribal

To see what the other artist did with this challenge take a look at the links below

Ordinary Misfit

For The Love Of Nail Art

All the Best



9 thoughts on “MTV Nail Challenge 6. Violet & Tribal

  1. Please let me know how you find the Cina Pens? I got 9 fthat my aunt bought from America, but I find them so hard to use. Perhaps I’m just blonde.

    The design is gorgeous though. I love the tribal design.

    • Thanks Michelle cant wait to see yours 😀 A while back I spoke to a guy about the migi pens. I am going to email him and follow up he said they would be on sale at clicks so I will get back to you 😀

      • Thanks that will be great. I have used one or two (can’t remember brands) but they either didn’t work very well for me.
        Hah, thanks but today is not a good day. I am NOT good at the free hand stuff 😛

      • That’s ok, this is the perfect challenge to challenge yourself and practice. I believe you can do great OKAY!! so don’t be too hard on yourself 😀 I am dreading the water marbling one ;( lol

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