Reswatching Essence

Hello, hello 😀

I fell in love with Nail Art almost 2 years ago but only started my collection in November 2012. Previously I had been buying the R 5.00 bottles of polish from China Town, I was convinced it was a total bargain until I started researching polish in depth and learned that some polishes have some heavy and unhealthy toxins!

That’s when I came across Essence polishes and made it my goal to own the entire collection. I was buying about 10 bottles a month as well as being gifted a few here and there. I started swatching them but as I was still a newbie and my skills were shocking the swatches were sloppy and messy. I have now decided to update the swatches as I feel I have improved in the swatching department.

I swatched and put the pictures on Facebook but never blogged about the colours so now I am reswatching and blogging them all.

Be prepared for an Essence overload!!!

I am going to post them in number order  and work my way up to the last one.

That means starting at 101 Absolute Pure and working up to 151 Rocking The Green. I cant tell you when I will be done but let’s start now.

101 Absolute Pure to 144 Black is Back

101 Absolute Pure to 144 Black is Back

145 Flashy Pumpkin to 151 We Rock the Green

145 Flashy Pumpkin to 151 Rocking the Green


Above is the photo I took when I had completed the collection, then Essence brought in another  7 polishes.

You can see the full list here.

Ok so the first swatch is supposed to be 101 Absolute Pure… It’s clear polish so can’t really show you a swatch lol. But I will tell you what I use it for…

101 Absolute Pure

101 Absolute Pure

Absolute pure is not a base or top coat it’s just clear, I use it to stick on rhinestones and glitters ect. I have recently started stamping so I paint it over my colour base to protect the colour just in case I make a stamping mistake, that way you can get an ear bud and remove a mistake without removing your nail colour. Clever right? Lol

So who has swatched Essence polishes? Which one is your Fav? I have quite a few favs.

Keep an eye out, the next post will be on 102 Sparkling Water Lily.

All the Best



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